My sister attempted suicide last night

She drove six hours to London last night and attempted the same night but my mum it’s on the train now To try to get her into hospital.all I know is that she cut herself seriously.

That is too bad for her and for your family. You 'd better get her some professional help as soon as possible.


Mum will make sure
I’m no good with her
I get angry with her for her ultimate rudeness aggressive every time she speaks And of course I worry like mad and we are no good for each other, we argue
She mistreats anyone she can

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Sorry, why she want to do it? What bothers her so much?

I think she does not want to be alive

I’m sorry @Three

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I hope she’s ok. I have a mean sister. She’s so mean I no longer bother talking to her.

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Sorry to hear that, Three

I get that.

I just heard from mum

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I hope they can get her into hospital and that it helps.

My sister has turned my mum and any help away.
Mum is coming back in the car
A 6 hr drive
After no sleep with one bad catteract,
In a state
In the rain
At age 76

Wow, that’s horrible. What mental illness does your sister have? Antidepressants and ECT are used by psychiatrists to stop suicide.

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She will not accept help
I don’t know how she will get through life in the next few weeks
Schizoaffective best describes her long standing delusions I think with diagnosed depression and severe bulimia and self injury emotional unstable personality, anxiety disorder and ptsd And very long term serious alcoholism
As well as being severely abused, and single aged 42

Can’t you call 911 and get her involuntarily hospitalized? That’s what my parents did to me until I stopped being suicidal and accepted treatments.

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@Three. If your sister is harming herself or suicidal, your mom should really contact emergency services so they can evaluate your sister.

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They have previously and gone in with riot police because she has a knife from Self injury and the; say to us that they can’t force anything and that she has the right to kill herself

She has
My sister is not cooperating
They want her to go to meet them and she wont

If she’s living with someone hide all knives from her. That’s what my parents did when I was homicidal attacking my brothers with knives and suicidal threatening my parents to stab myself.

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She is alone in her own flat in central London where she knows no one we live 6 hrs away

She has lived isolated in mums flat here for 7 years with all her delusions and difficulties