My questioning about drugs

Hello everybody,

I would like to ask you some questions about drugs :

What’s the main differences between paliperidone and risperidone ?
I mean, what should I expect if I switch to paliperidone instead of risperidone ? (I’m schizoaffective.)

Second question : you on english-speakers forum are discussing a lot about sarcosine and other supplements.
What are the risks and the good things that can happen to me if I take sarcosine or other kind of supplements ?
I’m afraid to fall into manic or to get physical illness.
I mean, I really appreciate my “mental stability” but I would like to feel less negative symptoms…
I would like to be a more creative person again.

Thank you…

I thought street drugs lol


They’re similar meds but ppl say paliperidone is less sedating. Both raise prolactine. I am on 4mg Risperdal. Sarcosine just gave me headaches and didn’t help negative symptoms.

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Thank you Aziz :slight_smile:
What do studies say about paliperidone ?

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I was never on it but its the metabolite of risperidone.
Here’s what studies say, its slightly less effective than risperdal:

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Thank you…
I should take a long moment to look at this on my computer…
It seems to be complicated.

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Risperidone is a bit more potent than paliperidone.

Paliperidone is less sedating than risperidone.

I switched from risperidone to paliperidone years ago and I had to switch back to risperidone because paliperidone was making me too anxious.

They are very similar on paper but there are enough significant differences between them in real world situations.

I prefer Risperdal over Invega any day.

Invega did not agree with me.

Everyone reacts differently to these drugs.

Good luck @DetunedGuitar


I prefer Invega over risperidone but I have more sleep issues on it

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I was on risperidone and it stopped working after several years. I switched to invega and it works well for me.

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I was on invega for more than a year. It worked well, but I would have involuntary muscle movements. Almost two years into taking the medication, I started getting some symptoms. I tried another drug, but it didn’t work well. Now I’m on clopixol, it’s a first generation anti-psychotic and works great, no symptoms at all. The only downsides are that I have to get the injection every two weeks, which is pretty short, and that I sleep more than twelve hours since it sedates me so much, especially in the first few days after getting the injection. Still recommend clopixol, but invega was good while it lasted.

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Risperidone is more effective for positive symptoms than paliperidone. [1]

Risperidone is good for cognition as well [2] Both risperidone and paliperidone have bad EPS and prolactin side effects. [3] Both risperidone and paliperidone can cause weight gain [3]

Both risperidone and paliperidone have risk of increasing ocd symptoms.


We dont know long term effects of sarcosine, plus I usually stay away from supplements unless recommended by pdoc. Its not approved by FDA.

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I find paliperidone more effective than risperidone. I don’t have no notable side effects and I’m on 150mg injection.

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Paliperadone - is just what Risperadone turns into when its already been metabolised by the liver. They are essentially the same drug.

Paliperdone is kinder to your liver, if you are a drinker like me.


@Naarai Thats good to hear that its kinder to ones liver.


Thank you very much all.
So you told me that finally there’s no decisive benefit to switch to paliperidone…
I just should listen to my pdoc.
She told me both are almost equal.

Have a nice day… :wink:

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