Risperidone vs. Paliperidone

Has anyone here had experience with both?

They are almost identical structurally but I have only been on Paliperidone.

I am considering switching to Risperidone if it is cheaper than Paliperidone by much, anyone have any input?

I’ve been on both but risperidone was more effective.
Invega made me anxious as well.

I was on both. Risperidone was better and cheaper

Hmm I may end up giving risperidone a try if I can’t get Invega cheaper.

Any side effects that are different or more pronounced?

Paliperidone seems to work better for me but to be fair I took a lesser dose of risperdal (what risperdone originally was) because I was trying to keep the weight gain down although for the short time I took the maximum dose the psychosis didn’t improve. If I stayed on it longer who knows. Anyway I heard voices every waking hour on risperdal and had breaks from the psychosis during the day on invega. Unfortunately I had a lot of trouble sleeping on Invega possibly due to increased anxiety and started getting into trouble eventually with sleep aids. My weight also ballooned when I took Invega but to be fair my weight jumped on the maximum dose of risperdal too for the time I took it. When I was on both drugs I was frustrated with the inability to get rid of the voices completely and took a lot of other drugs for short periods of time to try to achieve that end. I eventually had to accept paliperidone as my drug but sometimes wonder if I could work again if I went back to risperdal as the majority of my time working was on that drug. I must say that the risperdal didn’t help much when my parents divorced as I was hallucinating badly during that time but I think the stress would have caused that on almost anything.

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Paliperidone is kinder to the liver. If you have to take risperidone, I’d suggest liver counts taken every so often.


Thanks for posting that, that sways me a bit more towards Paliperidone.


I’m happy on Risperdal. Gets rid of almost all hallucinations for me. Still have some delusions though, if they are delusions. I’m not sure.

Hard to lose weight while on it.

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Risperdal gave me anhedonia. Hopefully I don’t get that with paliperidone.

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I was on Risperidone and got akathisia after a few months and it was just horrible. If you go on something and get super anxious and can’t stop moving around constantly, you better get to a dr quick.

Where did you learn of this information? Are there studies?

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There is a study, https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24598833


But one study doesn’t really provide ground for a scientific fact :slight_smile:

I’m on invega sustenna
Prior to that I was on risperdal consta. Risperdal was even worse. For one thing I felt mentally awful. It also caused me to be hungry all the time.

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I was on Risperidone but it made me gain weight and it sedate me and i didn’t like it. It was my first AP taken. Now I’m on Invega and i i like it more than first taken.

Thats the reason i got put on Paliperodone Jab - instead of risperadone, cos im a drinker and its less stress on my liver. Plus the fact im useless at taking tablets.

I’m on both. Risperidone twice a day and once a month Paliperidone injection. I’m pretty tired and my eating habits are bad, but the delusions can not overtake me anymore.

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