Is there a difference between paliperidone and risperidone?

These drugs seem so similar was wondering if anyone had experience with both and noticed any difference between the two. Which is more effective and which has less side effects?

paliperidone is the active metabolite of risperidone. it is newer. it has a longer half life and different affinity for dopamine and serotonin receptors. supposedly better in regards to side effects.

heres an article that has some comparisons between risperidone and paliperidone


I don’t know the chemistry but I can tell you that I can take Risperidone and not Paliperidone.

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I heard there can be breast growth but the doctors must make the decision if it is worth it. When I was on Invega I felt nothing it was like a sugar pill.

why cant you take paliperidone?

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I don’t know it makes me ill and causes bloody discharge in my stools so I can’t take it. Quit taking it and the symptoms disappeared.

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oh ill physically or mentally? im just curious. ive been on it about two years and im still questioning whether my year of hellish instability that i had 2020 was fully due to klonopin withdrawal or if the paliperidone is not as effective as it should be. i see alot of people say it doesnt work for them like risperidone does

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Risperidone injection suits me better than paliperradone.

Paliperidone made me wanna kill myself.

There’s a big difference if you ask me.


I take Xeplion every four weeks. I think it’s Paliperidone. I started in early 2017. I had suicide thoughts couple times. It makes me feel good for two or three days with worser outcome towards the new depot incjection of it. I’m also taking 4mg of risperidone daily. My psychologist told me that there is just clozapine left for me to try.


Have you tried Abilify?

Yes I tried Abilify. I had shopping addiction on it and became psychotic.

Paliperidone works good for me. No noticeable side effects. When I was on Risperidone I had loads of negative thoughts/feeling so refused to take it as blamed that but could of just been my state of mind.

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It’s eerie that you say that. My son killed himself while on Invega.

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I’m so sorry to hear that.


yea sorry to hear that @SkinnyMe =(