Looking for recommendation if risperidone works good what might work better?

I have been on risperidone for years since about 2008 I am on the max dosage my dr tells me at 8mg a day (2mg, 4x day)… Does anyone else have a good experience switching to something else that works similar but maybe better ?

Risperdal was the first medication I was ever put on and it also worked well for me but I was young and would not stay medicated.

I am now on paliperidone which apparently is very very similar to risperdal and is helping me. Maybe you can enquiry about it. It’s available in pill and injection form.

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Yes Vraylar is a bit better for negative symptoms and makes no qtc pronlongtion and no increase of prolactin level

I’m on court ordered Risperdal injections. I also take Latuda pills. I guess if you are schizoaffective you could try Latuda. If your mood is fine you should just stick it out.

Same for me. I’m on Paliperidone and it seems to be working better than the risperdal.

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max dose is 16mg, im on 10mg. if its not working for you maybe give clozapine a try.

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If Risperdal pills work well, Risperdal Consta injections will work even better. They did for me.


I found risperdal worked great for my positive symptoms but I got the raised prolactin on it and moved to zyprexa ( olanzapine ). Zyprexa has been a great drug for me and I think my negatives are better on it!

There’s a bit of variety out there these days so ask your doctor. It’s hard to change things if your stable but if your still getting symptoms trying a different med may help with things.


Latuda has been great for me and has more tolerable side effects than risperdal

Olanzapine I would recommend above risperidone

I am on 15mg risperidone…