My psychiatrist warn me about gaming addiction

He says gaming addiction,porn addiction,Internet addiction is real,it’s got bad unwanted mental effect.i talk to him about my addiction and said that I will try to stop it.He adviced me to find real relationship,with Xanax 0.5mg maybe I can do it…anyone here with Internet,gaming or porn addiction?

Your psych could have said that you could replace these negative addictions with some new positive addictions. I do not know what games you play on the net, but there are many Internet sites, I assume, where people can play chess and other games with each other without any cost. The Internet is, of course, everywhere and people use it all the time often creating these virtual, nonreal, relationships, which might be ok sometimes, but you could try to create more real physical relationships with people where you are, but knowing that you are introvert, this can require additional energies. You could give up using the Internet for a week and do some real things during these hours when you would otherwise use the net.

I stay at work but I uses the net…maybe I should go out and do productive things if possible than staying at office and using the net lol

Anything in excess is bad for us - too much food, sex, booze, coffee, etc…
We are a society hooked into obsessions and addictions - I would cut back on your vices and if need be, eliminate them.
Right now I have my addictions under control - I cut back on coffee and food, and I quit smoking a long time ago

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Yeah these are real when I went to a treatment center there were people there for gaming addiction. I thought you said he suggested you to find a relationship with .5 of xanax instead. I think you can do it but xanax isn’t going to do everything. It’s not a cure to anxiety, it just allows you to be in the present moment a little more. It isn’t going to make you much more outgoing. Good luck though.

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Excellent.need a lot of willpower…I been cutting out porn totally,it’s 10 days already almost relapse today…

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I have known some people in the past who have had this Internet gambling addiction. It is bad, but playing some fun games on the net with other people, chess and others, can actually be good for one’s mind. Many years ago I had this game development addiction, which started in America. I tried to create a perfect multiplayer board game, it was funny though that I thought it was so secret that I developed it in my paper notebook so that intelligence agencies of the world could not get it. Maybe it was just all my delusions.

I used to be addicted to gaming. Never really seen it as a bad thing other than it helped me go through the day when I had no activity. I’ve completely stopped playing video games since then. I didn’t enjoy it that much, and I think I wanted to be part of a clique of “gamers” more than anything. I also don’t like the violence in today’s video games.

You gotta live a little man, I know you want more real life relationships, why not combine the two? Find a girl gamer and use that as a hobby for the two of you!

As far as internet and porn go, I know porn isn’t healthy but having an orgasm is one sweet joy and makes me depart from the usual sensations of daily life. It’s probably not good for my psyche and sexual health but it will have to do until I find a partner… It’s not like I do it every day, and I strictly watch porn to get off, I’m usually done in 5 minutes after the odd search.

I can’t live without the internet right now.

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Sorry if Too Much Info. I just need to share some parts of my existence to feel better about myself.

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I try not to watch porn anymore because it makes me want sex even more. I start looking at people as sexual objects. I am like @ekoms I just watched it to get off and then I was done. It leaves me craving it though I start looking at my psychiatrist in a sexual way and when I pass a women on the street I will look at her in a sexual way. It all becomes frustrating. That’s why I try not to watch porn anymore. It also might have something to do with the fact that I haven’t been with anyone in over ten years. That’s a long time. As far as gaming goes, I was addicted to online poker gambling when I was first diagnosed. I spent a lot of money on it. I was playing the $1000 buy in tables. I will say that I am really good at poker so I made money a lot of times too. I don’t play that much anymore but I still have a $100 out at one poker site incase I want to play the penny tables. I think its just taking things in moderation which is best. Too much of anything is bad.

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