Computer addiction to distract from voices

Hi, is anyone here using computer gaming and computer activity to help distract from hearing voices but is addicted to this activity? Any words of advice to help break free? Anyone in Long Island NY maybe? Thank you

@Sandstar My friend in strong island I feel like I know you. My plan is to stick with the video games. But if you have to quit, you have to find another addiction to replace it. If your current option is the best stick with it.

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Hi, thank you for your reply… I am asking for a loved one who has been gaming for over 10 years, and now it’s his only activity since the sz came over him. He won’t go outside, won’t exercise, has anxiety, is getting fat, and wants to have friends. Is this something you can relate to?

I’m distracted from video games by them. They don’t like me thinking and enjoying myself

I don’t have those symptoms right now, but I can relate. The only solution I see is to schedule in a calendar things for him to do. I used only gonout once a week just to buy a sandwich, but now I got tennis 2x and language class 1x so I’m booked now. But really I’d like to go back to being a hermit part of the time

Hello Sandstar.
Does your relative take medicine for his symptoms? Including anxiety.

why do we have to live with an addiction? I’m sick of it! Quit cigarettes, start eating sugar. Quit sugar start playing video games. Quit playing video games, start smoking cigs again. What is up with that? I need a twelve step program for my life.

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