Addiction of video games

I’ve in my own thoughts have been doing good for over a year now i’ve been on the same medication for about a year but recently i started playing more often video game to the point i not even shower or clean myself i even try detox from it but iam still thinking about it so much i cant even sleep iam agitated and mean sometimes cause when i dont play iam not getting that good feeling i crave to play so even no i say this i dont see why my dr would of change my medication just because of my addiction you no iam not doing drugs but iam addicted and it feels good to be addicted. i’ve been thinking though whats this have to do with a medication change sorry well i guess iam confused maybe someone else gone through this or have a good thought to say thank you love you all.

Are you able to identify what you get from playing the game, that you don’t get in real life?

iam not sure i just no when i play it feels like heaven well i cant really think what iam getting that iam not getting in life i love my life i no i play alot though and i struggle to get away from it even if the computer is off it doesnt matter iam still there even when its off

i guess what this has to do with a medication increase is why iam confused i no we are no dr’s here but iam just saying

Well, there may not be a correlation. I think generally an addiction to a game is a psychological addiction, and usually because the game is either providing escapism (escaping from the stress or other negative emotions of real life), and/or providing experiences during immersion that the person is lacking in real life (feeling empowered, making progress, having opportunity, etc). If it is multi-player, then the person might be using the game as a social substitute if they feel isolated in real life. Some researches are even looking into how certain types of video gaming can actually help with depression, PTSD and so on.

I mean I guess it’s possible that the video game thing has something to do with your meds, don’t want to say it’s impossible. But just that my guess is that there is something psychological you are getting from it.

And also entirely possible, is that you just found a game that you really like and are excited about it and want to play it. That is a normal human experience.

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Thank you turnip i enjoy your comment.

basicaly what you said i think also