My psych clinic is going to let me use the food pantry

I owe the hospital $600 for my ER visit and being in the psych ward a half day before they released me at 8pm. This is the 20% Medicare copay. I’m having to use the food pantry now to save money. I was having trouble before this $600 bill though.


They’ll probably give you staples like milk, bread, rice, beans, pasta and oatmeal. You can download some simple recipes online and buy a few ingredients and make bowls of rice, pasta or bean dishes that will feed you for 5 days. It really stretches your food dollars.


Thanks for the advice @77nick77

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You may get canned fruit and vegetables, also. Sometimes local farmers will donate a lot of produce during growing seasons.

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Thanks @ZombieMombie

We’re you recently in the ER / hosipital?

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Yes May 24th. I was delusional and hallucinating a little. I quit taking the new meds my cardiologist prescribed as they seem to be messing with my Abilify.

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Free health care here in Canada for every citizen. A trip to the ER has never once costed me a dime.

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So medicare doesn’t cover it?

I am switching to medicare in November.
Guess I will have to start paying deductibles and copays etc.
Currently on Medi-cal with zero out of pocket for hospital / ER

Hope you are able to get assistance.

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They covered 80% of it under “Part B” services. I have to pay 20%. I’m lucky they didn’t put it under Part A which has like a $1400 deductible.

Thanks @Patrick there’s some good things about Canada

In the US there’s also Medicaid for low income people. I think Medicaid would have paid for all of it. My income is too high for me to qualify for Medicaid.

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@ElGato thanx for the info.

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