Turns out I don’t owe the hospital $500.00

From May 24th when I was delusional and went to the ER. I checked Medicare claims and the claim said the most they are allowed to charge me is $95.36. I guess a hundred dollars isn’t as bad as $500. The hospital just sent me a bill for the $95.36.


Good for you, congrats @ElGato !

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Thanks @Sherlock

Seems so alien to me having to pay money for healthcare

Here they take it from taxes


Thanks @Joker Other countries have much better health care systems than we do in the US. I agree.

Yeah with a slight caveat - its a bit of a post code lottery as regards to mh treatment over here in the uk lol.

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Thanks @Naarai Back in the late 1970’s in this country mental health care was much much better than it is now.

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