I just got notice from the county assistance program


I just got a very formal letter from country assistance, apparently my involuntary over night hospital stay bill(from back in September) went to county assistance before me for some reason. Now they are threatening to send my bill to a collection agency if I don’t pay back the county. I don’t know why my bill went to the county assistance and not me in the first place. I don’t qualify for county assistance to pay it because I’m not unemployed. I’m so scared now, I don’t have money for a large bill like this. I barely scrape by as it is.


let it go…I owe hospitals thousands…they can write it off…it will hurt your credit but you can’t squeeze blood from a turnip.


In sorry to hear about your worries. Ill say a prayer for you


It’s not the hospital I owe now, it’s county assistance. I don’t know if they have any options for me. I have really good credit I don’t want to take a hit on that.


Maybe they’ll let you pay it off in small increments. It wouldn’t hurt to ask. Maybe you can pay $25.00 a month or $50.00 a month until it’s paid. I know that if you owe Social Security some money they will let you make small payments until it’s paid off.


Yeah, @77nick77 makes a good point. Last time i was in the hospital i owed about $1300 after my insurance paid their part. I called the billing office and worked it out to where i’m making monthly payments. If they want their money they’ll most likely work with you, i’d say.


You don’t have insurance?


I have the same questions. Do you have insurance? Are you able to find out why it went to county? Do you have the money to make small payments?


They should work with you on a payment plan. Happened to me too.


No insurance. I was on Medicaid in New Jersey but lost my job and came home to Idaho. I don’t qualify here and I can’t afford insurance.


The hospitals around here have to base what you pay off of your income. I suggest you call and ask them about something like that.


I found out the amount. $2772 for less than 24 hours of care


Man I’m sorry @Hanna_Foxx.


Thats terrible, definitely call someone like the hospital or whoever is collecting the money, I don’t know how any of that works. But I think they should be understanding and willing to work with you, if they’re not that’s awful of them. Try not to stress too much, money is only money at the end of the day and there are more important things. I really hope it works out for you and you’re not hurt by this, that would defeat the purpose of getting help in the first place. I’m sorry I don’t have much solid advice to give, but I’ll be hoping everything’s ok. I think it will be.


@Hanna_Foxx talk to them ask if you can make arranged payments of bill till it’s payed off. This is best solution.


One time I got taken to the emergency room for an involuntary commitment. About a month later they sent me a bill. I really did not want to pay that bill because I hadn’t wanted to go to the emergency room in the first place. I made them wait as long as I possibly could, but I finally paid it.


I am going to take my letters to my social worker on Tuesday and we will see what can be done. I’m thinking a payment plan is most reasonable, however I can only afford maybe $50 a month and that’s not much.


My bill went to collections eventually after a misunderstanding. I made $50 payments too on a $5000+ hospital stay, I paid more when i could. I paid it off 2 years ago. A big accomplishment for me not to rely on my parents for help with it.


I called my social worker this morning and she sounded positive. She said there were some applications I can fill out and it will end up being a very small payment. We’re doing this tomorrow


I’m so glad your social worker is helping you! That’s great :slight_smile: