My medical aid increase my specialist appiontments

So previously my medical aid only covered 2 Pdoc visits a year, but now they increased it to four, so wont need to pay out of pocket for the extra visits I need due to the med changes. On the flip side Risperidone went up and I had to pay a little in as the medical aid wouldnt cover it all, but no where near what I am saving for Pdoc consultations. In any case Risperidone is double the price of Abilify, so much better coverage for the abilify I am going on.

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Thata strange. I get 15 sessions a year with pdoc or with psychologist !!

Are u on discovery ?

I think thats instead of extra 3 weeks in a clinic, Im keeping my three weeks in the clinic extra as backup

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My girlfriend gets 15 sessions but then no time in clinic so maby your medical aid might be same for PMB Schizophrenia you get 3 weeks and then another 3 weeks on the medical aid

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Ah ok which is your closest clinic ?

I was in the clinic for 3 weeks and i still had like 10 sessions left.

It was very weird

Clara clinic my psychiatrists practice works there every friday

Ah ok i know that one.

yea without using the sessions you have 6 weeks

which one were you in

Twice in durbanville at that one and then akeso in kennelworth

I know someone that went to akeso after a breakup is it nice there?

What do u mean 6 weeks?

3 weeks in hospital and then what the other 3 weeks for

6 weeks in hospital if you dont use sessions, did you have to pay out of pocket for anything at the clinics?

No i didnt hey. Med aid covered it all.

How much does 3 weeks count in pmb sessions

Thats cool because they kak expensive and gap cover doesnt pay for mental illness.

15 sessions i was told

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U on discovery right ?