My Province is in Covid Lockdown

In Ontario, Canada as of today, millions of us are being told to stay home.

Cops and By-Law are allowed to pull over your car and ask where you are going.

Pharmacy, medical appointments and food are the only reasons you should be out and about.

This is in effect for 28 days.


Because I’m in the shipping industry I’m considered an essential worker, so if I get pulled over by Police I’ll just tell them I’m on my way to work.

Me at the dinner table…

"Kids? I’m an essential worker. A hero is what i am! Now start giving me the respect that I am do!

Daughter: “You’re a hero for lifting boxes?”



Well, that’s mostly the group allowed to ride on the public busses. Only pharmacy/health appointments, grocery store, or jobs/work. Here they are still allowing people to go out. We just have a face mask mandate with a $500.00 fine if you aren’t wearing one.


As if January and February weren’t the lousiest 2 months to begin with.

Now we’re all pretty much stuck indoors. My teenage daughters are finding it hard…the lack of socialization with their friends and on-line schooling.

I feel bad for them. I’m older and less social, but teens are social animals. It really is tough sledding for them these days.


It sounds pretty bad. I’m sorry for you and your teenagers. Try to hang in there and tell yourself it’s just for a month.

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I believe because people are no longer traveling/ vacationing, they are spending that extra cash on fences, decks, home basement theaters, renovations…etc.

My old friend owns a Fencing Company and tells me he’s had the best year by far in a long time.

Bigger homes in my area are also selling like hotcakes. People want more room in their house because they are working from home…and possibly caring for elderly parents, not wanting to put them in Covid-riddled old folk’s homes.


In my State there are 603000 cases
Over 20000 deaths.
It’s everywhere!


In England we’re in full lockdown too

You can only leave your house for medical, essential shopping or work if you cannot do so from home

This has no end date in sight, and I think the restrictions will get tougher.

We have so many deaths now. We had over 1,500 die just yesterday


My friend lives in Ontario and she just sent me a text saying that she’s going into lockdown.

I wish you good health, @anon39054230. I’m just hoping that this COVID-19 thing ends soon.

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I should stay home too. Went out for shopping grocery.

home depot has probably had its best year ever lol

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It’s the same in my part of UK. Can’t go for walks with friends or £200 fines. Only households can go walks or food shop. Other shops closed.

Seems a little extreme. We can still go out for walks and such, no curfew. Numbers are dropping right now, but those new strains haven’t taken a hold out here yet. I expect that could change. We went out and bought a Sodastream on sale for a friend who lives farther from the store than we do and then my wife hit the dollar store. Stores are open, but are limited to 15% of fire code capacity. Gyms, theatres, concert venues still closed. Restaurants and bars can do takeout and off-sales only.

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I’m in Michigan we have 535,000 cases and 13,000 dead.

I’m 44 and I’ve been smoking 30 years. I also have scars on my lungs from a case of pneumonia I had when I was 25.

I know people healthier and younger than me that have died. So yeah I’m a bit freaked out at the moment. I only go out to the grocery store. Been this way since March. For haircuts I’ve been shaving my head.

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Manitoba is mostly in lockdown although the curve is flattening so restrictions are not as much. Masks everywhere and stores only sell essentials. Most appointments are virtual or on the phone. My parents building is in lockdown as there has been an outbreak with a few people dying. Scary time we live in. My building is not allowed any guests at this point.




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