Another lockdown

So we are heading into another lockdown with an outbreak of covid in the community. It’s starting as just 3 days but these things tend to move rather quickly. Went up the supermarket and it was busier than xmas. People everywhere as I guess they are all stocking up for the apocalypse. Will be glad when the vaccines get rolled out for sure.


Thankfully things are the same here on the Sunshine Coast, but I’m hoping things improve quickly in Brisbane. Not surprised that people are acting like fools and trying to buy up the store. They act as if the world is ending.

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Kind of hoping for another lockdown. Easter is nearly here and wife is making noises about visiting parents now that they’ve had first jab. Indoor visits still illegal, but, my wife is going bonkers over not seeing parents.They only had jabs this week so they’re not protected until the week after Easter. As well, they can still infect us as we’re not jabbed. Argh.

That and I actually like the lockdowns.



Never Been Apart Of A Lockdown.

Thankful i Guess.

Doesn’t Bother Me Either Way To Be Honest. As Long As People Remain Safe. . .

There Was Once A Curfew. Which Felt Strange. Couldn’t Be Out And About After A Certain Time. Otherwise You’ll Be Sent Home With A Ticket. i Need To Write A Song About The Coronavirus. . .

N e Hoo.

~P.s. Hope, Trust, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Endlessly Eternal Peace!.~ :owl: :spider_web: :owl:

You’re right – it’s really not safe for either you or your in-laws until you are all vaccinated. Has your wife been vaccinated? :worried:

Nope, she’ll have to wait a month after I’m jabbed.

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Oh, I see. Here in California, education workers were in a higher priority tier than folks with underlying health conditions.

The government in our province openly hates all public employees. They picked a massive fight with health care workers at the start of the pandemic and are now publicly backtracking after discovering they’re yet again on the wrong side of public opinion.

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@Sezbot241 - had my sister and dad come back from Redcliffe today and the traffic heading up the coast was extreme! I think everyone is bugging out of Brissie and heading up and down the coast…I think you peeps will be busy next couple of days at least!

Sorry to hear that, hopefully the outbreak will clear up soon enough!

We have been in lockdown since xmas in the UK! though there has been a slight easing officially today.

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