Has lockdown been ease at your place?

My country people can go to work,but are advise not to travel around.There has only been two digit for the past two weeks on covid 19 infection

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Its easing but there is still advice to avoid going out unless very necessary we can meet people but not inside their home and we still need to maintain the distance.

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In Belgium we have 9.300 deaths on a population of 11 million.

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we dont have lock down anymore here in Greece total deaths 170.
and bars and restaurants are opening this Monday.


They’ve been easing lockdown restrictions in all 50 states in the US. Hopefully, that doesn’t cause the number of COVID-19 cases to skyrocket.

The number of COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. is expected to surpass 100,000 sometime during this Memorial Day weekend. It’s very sad.


it hasnt eased down at our place.

but we can go out to fetch our provisions

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We’re at the start of a phased re-opening where I live. The restrictions have been partially lifted, but we have the COVIDIOTS racing out and clumping up dangerously in defiance of the remaining restrictions. They’re not wearing masks, getting in people’s space, and ignoring limits on people in spaces. I know it’s not nice, but I’m hoping that many of them get deathly ill.

I do think we need to start to re-open as the point of the lockdown was to slow the infection rate and not stop it (that’s unrealistic), but I’m sick and tired of the “muh freedoms!” and “it’s a plandemic!” morons beaking off when it’s obvious that we’ve had more deaths and illnesses than we would from a regular flu.


I’ve been told it’s over start of June… In England I’m actually OK if it goes on another month cos haven’t reached weight loss target

People are effin stupid about it in America — I would be VERY reluctant to go in public without sanitizer and mask – like I said they are PAYING us to stay home and literally encouraging us to take it slow and easy – were just spoiled, it’s not that hard to just kick back and find something to do during this time … I admit it’s not everyone being careless, but even so, it ain’t that hard to stay the hell outta dodge …

I’ll stay at home majority of my time and when I feel like it’s right in time I’ll leave :neutral_face:

For me yes, I live alone in an apartment so there is no overcrowding or people getting on my nerves. Having my neighbors home all the time makes me anxious but there’s nothing I can do about that. I was going to get evicted but the lock down banned eviction before my landlord was able to file to evict me.

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Here in Arkansas USA they have allowed places to open with restrictions. Some have voluntarily stayed closed. My psychiatric care provider’s activity center is closed, the AA meeting facilities are restricted to meetings of 10 or fewer and you must wear a mask. Public buses are restricted to 10 or fewer riders and routes have been canceled. My church is still closed. I pretty much have to stay at home. I might check out the AA meetings though. Banks are drive through only.

I’m going to a PCP doctor appointment Wednesday. You call them when you arrive and stay in your car outside. They come outside and get you when they are ready for you. You must wear a face mask.

In Iowa, we never really locked down in the first place, except for a few things like school and other “nonessential” businesses. We are opening up even more, though.

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Local group called to let me know they’re meeting again. I was like, “that’s nice, I’m never setting foot in a physical meeting again.” The Zoom meetings are so much more convenient and provide as good or better an experience than I’d get going to a F2F meeting. I’m done with those.

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Neighbors in the back are having a party.
Way over 10 people there.

Stupid and selfish.

I don’t get it?!?

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The shutdown has been easy for me, because that is the way I have lived most of the time. It’s nothing new.


We are in stage 2. First opening up of things. Still social distancing but cafes and restaurants can have up to 10 people. Our cricket club is still closed but sport will be going in the next stage in July. I’d imagine there will be a second wave but so far so good.

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You have a new profile picture.:slightly_smiling_face:

I am in NSW Australia :australia: :two_hearts:.

We are getting eased restrictions next week.:metal:t5::partying_face:

I hope to get my tongue pierced and nails shellacked.

Yesterday my boyfriend took me out to breakfast at a cafe.
He booked a table and I met his son for the first time.one of his sons.

I’m so excited.

I really have wanted to get my tongue pierced a while.

The nail salons will probably not have time for me as they may be to busy.

I love :two_hearts: having my nails done and I think I can afford to do it once a month.


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We’re still under stay at home but people here just wear a mask etc and go out anyway. Esp buses.

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I love the black sparkling nails best.

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