No more Covid-19 protocol at Public Health

When I went to go pick up my meds yesterday afternoon down at the public health department all the employees didn’t have masks on anymore and they weren’t taking temps either. So I took off my mask. It felt strange.

A gentleman at one of the windows was questioning it and I overheard the receptionist say with the level of vaccinations we have here it’s not likely that there will be any Covid. The man started blathering about percentages and put his mask back on. Some people are still very afraid I guess.


I just today went into the store to get my cigarettes without a mask for the first time in ages. I felt uncomfortable too.

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With good reason. I’m sick as hell today and going for a COVID test tomorrow. I’m hoping I somehow caught a bad cold and not COVID. I guess the good news is that if it’s COVID, I’d be much sicker without the double vax. My daughter’s job with the town is where all of my family’s exposure risk comes from.

I’m glad I don’t have to wear a mask anymore. The risk groups are vaccinated and I honestly don’t care that much if I get covid.

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All restrictions get lifted in England on the 19th July

Good to know that your not wearing a mask takes precedence over immunocompromised people the vaccines don’t work for or those who can’t receive the vaccines.

I’m not refusing to wear a mask, Pixel. So please quit being so offended. No one wears a mask here anymore and the COVID numbers are really low. Masks are not recommended any longer.

Current guidance from the World Health Organization is to continue using masks to lower transmission rates, particularly amongst unvaccinated children. Delta has been a game changer.

I don’t know how you do it in Canada but we follow our government’s guidelines. And they recently decided that masks are no longer recommended, so people stopped using them. They also are no longer particularly afraid of the Delta variant (which we still don’t have a lot of).

my face is a bit unattractive at the moment

i like wearing the masks to hide

and apparently masks help protect against covid so apparently i am helping out at the same time

My understanding is that wearing the mask stops you from giving it to someone else

That would mean that it’s a kindness to others to wear a mask.

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