My philosophy on "what is actually up for grabs, when we fight (i.e. conflict)"

I think I’ve earned SOME parallels to John Forbes Nash. Just hear me out… Because at least I’ve balanced this sentiment with a lot of negative quotes from the flick… and it’s a biopic, so he was a person.

I just have a long history of power struggles, and a great (Female boss) once said “Don’t get creative” on that front. I have nothing but good things to say about her, for what it’s worth. But her advice came too late.

So that’s me establshing ethos, an academic word, I was taught to mean credibility(In Rhetoric 101).

But I’ll just spit it out. We do these “jousts” and all we’re actually trying to pound our chests about, is to see who: A.) “Can think on their feet more-so…” and B.) “To see who has a better crystal ball…” (People just love to be right!

I just sort of think if we could loosen our grip(perceived value) on these two items, we’d either avoid conflicts more, or perhaps more exciting - maybe we’d even excel at them more?

There’s always a bigger battle down the road. Something that antagonizes me with the concept of loss of friends… but I can heal I think by teaching from mistakes.

For me the messenger is the ego, the closest one to our true selves, the letter G is the logos, the spiral of the “Golden mean”, proceeding according to the laws of nature, shaytan or satan (a non-biblical word) translates as Saturn with whom perhaps at some stage we were at war, the challenge for me is the future of our sun, will it turn into a black hole, or something else more advanced, on the other hand A, the earth, is the original tonic (the first melodic scale), rather than C, or Copernicus, and indeed the Earth can be considered as an incomplete surface, rather than a sphere, though not flat, as the quantum loop gravity physicists proclaim, time and space come after the original creation, they are constructs, I’d like to get into star maps and geomancy, geometry and cartographic designs. The Chinese considered the earth to be a square whilst for the Greeks it was round. There are infinite dimensions of reality, but we can only perceive finitely many at once, or at least a countable infinite completion with two unknowns. I agree we joust for the best outcome and to accumulate, as OSHO said time is really only composed of past and future, not the present. Thank you.

On a personal level, maybe there’s a part C.) As in, we push buttons with the ones we love, to bring them to anger… just so things get real… and we get more info that way. I’m talking about dysfunction and cowardice at home.

In psych 101 they talk about doling out pellets to chickens or some other creatures, and it’s known that doing this at random intervals is more effective in the matter of rewards. But for humans when talking about rewards/ or negative reinforcement it can be frightening(as in: things are good until they’re not)… and I have no proof but it’s also a suffocating feeling and something that I got used to, and didn’t see until a long time past… because I was/am immersed.

It’s important bc we’re capable of mistakes and [me] coming to blows is punishable with jail time. Adding it up I’d actually like to write an alternate universe setting where we bring punching and kicking back into the mix. Kidding here, but I’ve had it with feeling this constant “inspiration” for lack of a better word.

At the moment I am just proud to be an uncle, sharing this world with my nephew is a real challenge for me, his first words were “Uncle George” when his father, my brother, tried to get him to say “daddy”, it made me cry, I hope my brother can have another child when or if he is ready, but he has a lot on his plate at the moment as it is and is worried about over population and the environment, for me, I think my parents are more interested in asexual reproduction and survival into a better more relaxing future with some reclaiming of their inheritance. I’m not sure about my friends, I’m more inclined to use them at present than to grant them independence. They’ve all got families of their own now, save one, and I just can’t see how I can offer them any more good value than they already know how to get, will have to think about fame, I doubt it is the way to a long life. Thank you.

I’m thrilled you have family ties. I have that too with both sibs.

I don’t endorse everything that comes out of you; but you take an interest, and that makes you ‘interesting’.

As far as my book goes I have wanted to find an editor and also, as I believe I have no right to conclude it, someone to right an alternative ending and fill in the gaps. Profits are negotiable, have no desire to expose my associates to unwanted criticism, these are my two main concerns.

Look maybe you appeal to my vanity aspect… But a person has to be careful about who he chooses his friends to be.

This community isn’t high school, it’s better than that. But I still need to make sure we’re not bonding on perceived Gender issues since I made waves yesterday and you made them too.

Specifically for you: something about nurses that even though I didn’t know the words, “hypnotically” came across as aggressive, And chauvenistic.

I for one think accusations are cool… they allow for a defense.

For my defense I have many male babies in the family. And I don’t like that a successful entrepreneur with the same, had to ask out loud about how to raise “strong boys” in this ‘climate’.

It’s not all what you might think though, I’m content SO OFTEN and might have thrown in the towel of finding a partner a long while back without resenting anything about this subject.

So back to you is there anything you feel like saying? It could be a favor I’m providing.

It’s just that I read things sometimes; like men “are going away in 5000 years.”

And On the NYT website there’s a story of termites who build intricate colonies and they’re all female; I think it was found in Japan.

And when I fell off the wagon (one time only) I stuck up for Native Americans(thinking they weren’t negative enough?) and was told they were all savages. By someone with different optics than me.

Maybe I put to high a value on ‘candor’ because I’ve never known it(at home that much anyway).

I mean it though when I say give it to me back; who cares if I score a point on an Internet debate? Twice I’ve gently put it, I have a lot to say… and none of it serves me out there, so heal me if I’m wrong. What’s so hard about that?

My cousin with the same name as me, fact, and his father with the same English name as my father, fact, has two daughters from a mixed Irish mother who split owing to the perceived lack of manners of my cousins father to her father who died when she was young. I rarely see my extended family but perhaps this could be the outcome as the names are the same, it really is tricky, so much history is encoded in names or labels, my book is entirely factual plus some philosophy. I don’t understand what you mean by gender issues, I have always looked after both men and women, roughness as espoused by so called pickup artists is not my fault, unless this whole world is in my imagination, my ego is a messenger, the assertion that the logos is Christ is in my opinion the origin of the violence, my father’s name, Christakis and my cousin’s father’s name Christomakis, cannot be both the father and son and the holy spirit, that is chauvinism. Man, womban and child.

I like Dan Brown’s book by the way, Angels and Demons was a bit seventy’s ish, but the first one was great.

I walk away still thinking I did you a ‘solid’. You might have said just enough there.

You utter certain things and your writings are littered with “key words” to me. That’s why I don’t turn my back. Plus the philosophy thing seems real/organic; something we might have in common.

I don’t like Dan Brown. I tried Da Vinci Code and even read a scathing Internet article about how it’s the opposite of intrigue, It dissected(sp) the book’s first sentence and had a lot of points.

My book doesn’t need to end with a child or even marriage, but some kind of formal agreement that ties everything up. Have you read the prophecies of Agia Sophia, last night I had a dream that my Cypriot-Egyptian living embodiment of the war failed yet again to convince the Sultan of Turkey to submit. Without wishing to get into more trauma, Gaddafi had some very good ideas, a union of the mediterranean covering the western part, creating a woven carpet of Africa with Europe and Israelistine as a homeland for the East. The meander remains the way forward, it just has to be made more artistic, sex is always violent, even when it’s pleasurable, pleasure is always sado-masochistic, binding you and others to experiences or lessons. The art of violence is to make it as pleasurable as possible for all concerned, personally I found the images on the TV disturbing.

You use the word ‘book’ too loosely with me… are you speaking about “Never Eat Alone” or a future collab? I don’t think I am a fit. Most of your knowledge is foreign to me. I appreciate the built in compliment though if you mean the latter.

I have glanced at the book “Never Eat Alone”, I found the method a bit destructive for my ego, but liked the translation and original text. I have yet to memorize it, and only really studied the introduction which is very informative and scholarly. I’ve bought a copy of it for my meditation teacher whom I believe is also on this forum though that could be a delusion. I have previously given him a copy of a book on Java programming and he found it disturbing. I will be seeing him on Monday when I will give him the book. Do you know anything about Egyptian dinner etiquette, that to me seems to be the main cause of conflict, Alexander came from the Balkans, and was Blonde, I am told, he also led the original Albanians, rather than the Greeks, whose indigenous name I forget. The foustanella comes from there.

You’re crazy, I like you but you’re crazy.

Egyptian dinner etiquette as the cause of conflict??

The original Kemetic hieroglyphs of the tombs of the Nile are embossed. The ones of Alexander are inscribed. Egypt is a foreign name for Kemet apparently, the Egyptians were enemies who submitted to the intelligence of the Nubians, again labels may be problematic. The Greeks tell of how Alexander was anointed, the Rastas dispute this as pure propaganda, the Arabs I am told are not looking after the relics, the origins remain a mystery, I’m sure Cleopatra was the Sphynx.

As to the origins of the conflict, these are to be found in the Pyramids of Mexico.

Of course they are

Sarcosine is effective, I’m told, but only in small doses, I would like to move on to future colab, I want to retain some rights, but I give you free reign to tailor my book to your interests, obviously I don’t want to upset my school friends and mother, it depends what you think is relevant, what is your opinion of a European army over NATO and the Berlin wall;?;

I will also add something that I got from the Bristol based successors to Bob Marley where my Celtic Grandfather was born. “Unite, all the islands unite”, beyond writing a book, I’d like to explore earth chakras with you from a theoretical and mythological perspective. Gaia, I believe needs a helping hand.