My personality test says im a negative person

I used to have a thing where every negative thing that come into my mind I transform it into the opposite positive.

But I have no power lately to do that, so I just stay home saying nasty stuff to myself, I feel bad no I ain’t done nothing wrong but I feel bad

When it comes to philosophy I can be very negative. I can lay it on thick with the gloom and doom. I think people do need to be aware of some of the darker aspects of existence.

You sure it’s your personality and not a depression?

I thought depression was a state of saddnes all the time…

I’m neither sad neither happy, I get sometimes energetic but that’s all.

Thoughts are shaming me and making me feel worthless but are not making me sad

No, depression doesn’t have to mean you’re sad. Most of my depressions were without sadness. It really sounds like you’re depressed.

I’m mostly like this since my father kill himself, you really think it’s depression?

Damn… I’m so sorry…
Yes, I think so. You should ask a doctor or therapist about it if you can.

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I will, Thursday with my therapist and Friday with my pdoc. Thanks

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