Born negative person

Sometimes I am wondering why am I born with such a negative personality,it is just bad that I am born this way,I hope I can change this…but I really don’t know where to start,just say “think positively” can’t work

Or is everyone with mental illness born with negative thinking?i hope it isnt

i dont think i was born with negative personality, your personality is something that is constantly developing while you grow, if you have negative things happening around you or something it is bound to have an effect.

i dont think i ever had a negative personality, i have always been optimistic, the fact that i developed a mental illness still baffles me, but i can see how it might have happened leading from not having the proper attention as a baby ‘crying all the time’ and then in school i never hung with a crowd i just had one friend at a time really ‘maybe thats all i could handle’ lol but at night i was a different person, i hung with a crowd and we were getting into trouble a lot.

i still dont really have any idea why i developed sz i think i was depressed and i had a lot of pressure on me and i was worried about exams, pretty stupid really, i think i was really self conscious as well because everyone had nice clothes and i didnt we were poor.

My negativity was in direct relation to my illness. When I was really suffering and I was drinking heavily, my negativity was all consuming. I was a very negative person. Nothing in life was good.

When I began to get better and focus on the things that were going right then the negativity began to fade.

The more I would list what was going right for me, my illness got smaller.


I think people suffering or living with a mental illness have a lot on their plate/mind. I also think that depression can paint everything grey


I’m not trying to be being glib or silly, but sometimes when I’m really low, my eye’s will literally see stuff as flat rust brown. Noting is interesting and everything is rusted and deteriorating. Which is ever more depressing. Downward spiral.

I know that feeling J its awful. When I am depressed, everything seems to be underwater and I slow down

It’s always odd to me when that happens. When I get hit with a depressive wave and just the way I walk out of my room… The air feels too thick to get through.

I’m thinking “hey… I’ve put on my pant’s, pulled my hair out of my face, I’m going to fake it till I make it.” But the sis will give me a hug and say… “I can see your having hard day.”

I ask… “how can you SEE that.” she’ll mention it’s in how slow I’m moving or how hard it is for me to just get moving and pour some coffee.

It always blows me away that my mental mood affects my physical mobility.

Maybe you’re suffering from depression. Have you talked to your psychiatrist or therapist about it? I can get sort of negative too sometimes, but I don’t think everyone with a mental illness is always negative. What makes you happy? Is there anything that you like @Mobc1990?

I was born positive until I was 13 I started looking at life negatively. It was such an allure to be a bad guy. I didn’t think school was cool. It was like a derailed freight train until sza hit. Then that experience I thought god was making me suffer but he was actually making me learn. Currently I’m no more negative than a normal person would be. Although there are certain days I swell up negative vibes and I know it’s only hurting myself.

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I also find things slowed down when depress,like my moment and my eye movement slowed down

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I like to exercise and I like being humorous,I can exercise a lot but I am not humorous

So you’re not completely negative. Exercise is a good thing. What kind of exercises do you like? You can always work on your humor. At least you can appreciate other people’s humor?

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you can change the way you think, as easily as where you live, or what clothes you wear.
but it does take a bit of time, the fact that you want to change is a start.
maybe pick up a book like ’ a profound mind ’ by the dalai lama… that might help.
take care

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I want to change also and tend to be negative. I think that I’ve always been alone has made me kinda crazy by itself. I hope to change and be more social, but it’s tough for me.

I may have been born negative. I’m like my father in that way. I don’t know if I inherited it or learned it. At age 80 he said - “I’m not a happy individual.” He didn’t say - ‘person.’ He’d been that way all his life. He never had a friend. I was like that, too.

As a child people would comment on my wry sense of humor.