My peer support specialist doesnt

understand what I’m going through. She doesn’t really have mental illness and she has never been disabled. Her struggle was with being transgendered. She got mental health services to deal with that. But she doesn’t understand being told you’re out of reality or being inpatient at the psych ward. I have trouble talking to her about my issues because I can tell she doesn’t get them even though she’s empathetic. Do I try to explain things to her? How do I get past that barrier?

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I bet she knows more than you’re suggesting.

Maybe she’s just trying to make sense, many times you can’t.

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sometimes its better to try and tell someone who doesnt know about what you are going through bc then they will learn from you and what you tell them about your illness, you will be raising awareness in her and she can use that experience to try and help others, it is very good that she is empathetic though, sometimes just listening does all the world of good x

are you able to choose another peer specialist who is more experienced with psychosis or something? this forum is full of peer type specialists if you think about it, but i get that a face to face would be a lot better

Glad you got a peer specialist! I think they are helpful. Sometimes I have a hard time understanding my client, though. Sometimes my negatives are so unbearable, I don’t want to imagine what my client has to go through…

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@mrhappy, you make a good point. I can ask for a different peer but I don’t want to because mine is really nice. I just wish my situation wasn’t so foreign to her. I guess I have to rely on this site more and just explain to her what’s in my head as situations come up. But that’s ok I guess because she’s very empathetic.

@anon62973308 I bet that’s really hard on you sometimes. Thanks for being a peer. Peers can be very helpful. Years ago I had one who struggled with things similar to me and she overcame them. But I was in horrible shape back then. Much worse than now.

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