My pdoc can see me today (again)

I got a grant to pay my copays at my pharmacy for Caplyta antipsychotic. Three or four months ago my pdoc wanted to put me on it, but I couldn’t afford the copays. The first one is $1,004.00, so you see what I mean.

Damn, Thats expensive, my monthly Invega is 300€ a month, but is fully covered by universal healthcare


Thanks. That’s what I said too.

My pdoc put me on Caplyta, and I’m supposed to take half of my usual Abilify dose for three or four days. He gave me ten days of samples to use while seeing if I have side effects or a reaction to Caplyta.

My invega shot only costs me 6$ a shot. Insurance pays for it. I wouldn’t be able to afford it if insurance didn’t cover it

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