How much do you spend on sz medicine/injection every month?

I am from india and it costs me 240 rupees which is around 3 dollars a month.

I am on olanzipine 10 mg … that’s all.

i pay 120 canadian dollars

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Right now, my insurance deductible has been paid off, so I’m paying nothing.

Caplyta costs 150/month with my insurance, but I use the Pharma company copay card and pay $15.

The rest are generic, and cost from $10 to $25, depending.

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After insurance, $15 for Vraylar.

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Idk sometimes its 10$CA sometimes its 27$CA. Not sure why it changes. I am on 6mg Risperdal, 4mg + 2mg.

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I think it was 27$CA for the first year, after that 13$CA.

All generics, I think around $30 a month for three Rx.

Generic Abilify: $0

Generic Zoloft: $0

Generic Trileptal: $0

Generic abilify $50

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Zero for a monthly shot of Invega Sustenna and 400 mg tablets of Seroquel.

Generic Abilify: $0
Generic Clozapine: $0
Generic Clonidine: $0
Generic Glycopyrrolate: $0

Are you sure its generic, back in the days a few yrs ago they didn’t have generic Abilify, I was paying 50$CA for non generic, it came with Abilify’s Otsuka bottle.

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Wow, that’s cheap! All my meds together cost me around $300 a month. I don’t have any coverage, so I have to pay for it myself

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Thats what it looked like, I thought generic should cost less than the non generic:

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I also paid 50$CA for 80mg Latuda and it wasn’t generic. Thers no generic Latuda yet.

when i was taking ziprasidone it was around 200 canadian a month.
free healthcare in canada EH :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

8 euros a month for my meds

Ontario, Canada here. I’ve have never paid anything for my schizophrenia medication, or any medication with the exception of sublingual lorazepam, that cost around $25 for 30 pills. But that is only the sublingual kind, if you get regular pills it is free.

My Lurasidone is free, my Metformin is free, my Farxiga is free, my Clonazepam is free, and my Crestor is free. It’s all paid for by government disability (which it turn is paid for by the collective taxes of the citizenry), I don’t have an insurance plan and I don’t pay any premiums or deductibles.

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From the VA it’s all free

Used to be 8 bucks each before I got my rating

Generic has been available in the US for several years. But cost is largely dependant on insurance here.

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