My pdoc appointment

Well she thinks the weird contractions and twitching I’m having is more tardive dyskinesia. Since I got td from abilify in the first place she has decided to try lowering my rexulti because it is so closely related to abilify. So I will be cutting my dose in half for 2 weeks and if the contractions stop I’ll just continue with the lower dose. If I’m still having symptoms she wants me to stop the rexulti altogether and see if that will stop the problem. If not, then we have another appointment and we will discuss what to do about the other ap that I take. The thing that kills me is these meds are designed specifically to avoid td. That’s some bad luck right?

Then on another note she has some ideas on meds that can help with my picking compulsion. In a month, if this td bullcrap is decided then she will up my Topamax. Apparently it has a good effect on this type of compulsion. If that doesn’t work there’s an old tricyclic ad that supposedly works wonders on the behavior but has the downside of sedation. But at least I have some options/hope.


I’m glad to hear she listens to you :slight_smile:
I see so many stories about people who feel they aren’t taken seriously by the professionals, so it’s refreshing to hear it went well :smiley:


Oh @Pikasaur I like they way you put a positive spin on things. And you know what? You’re right a lot of people aren’t listened to. I feel very lucky to have Faye my “pdoc” who is actually a psychiatric nurse practioner. I see her via telemeds. Our town is so small we have to import talent via the internet. But I’m thrillied by it because it affords us a higher quality of care than we would otherwise get. I’ve been seeking treatment there through the transition to telemeds and can honestly say the quality of care before was subpar.

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Aw jeez yeah I was just thinking that reading this, like these meds are designed to prevent TD and supposedly have a far far lower incidence of causing it than the typicals. I heard there’s some sort of supplement or med or something that can help combat it though?

Also good luck w the med for picking, I hear that is one of the toughest compulsions to beat.

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