My parents say I've developed quite the sense of humor

They say I’m really funny and I’ve developed a great sense of humor and I make them laugh. Not sure where this came from, I’ve never been the funny type, but I guess I’m coming into my own. I’m funny now. I cracked like ten pretty good jokes today with them. Feels good to make people laugh.

No I don’t have any one liners for you guys to prove it. Just wanted to share.


I was actually quite funny as a kid. I’m not sure what happened but I kind of lost it for awhile. Yeah, you’re right, turningthepage, it’s fun to make people laugh. Humor can be the oil that makes social interactions run smoother.
Take my wife. Please.
I don’t get no respect.
I’d buy that for a dollar.


I believe I have a dark humor. We were watching the news all day and I satirically made fun of our govt a lot. I know my parents love my sister as much as they love me, but my sister is so ideologically different from my parents while I’m on the same wavelength as them more…meanwhile my parents and I love the same music. If I poke a little at my sister, they laugh. I don’t believe my sister pokes at me…so the other way around doesn’t happen.

When we were kids my sister would always say “mom and dad loves me more”. I’d say the same and we’d compete for kisses, so this feels pretty good. But like I said my parents love us equally I believe.

There were years I was the scapegoat child though, when I had psychosis.

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Ya 5th and 6th grade I was class clown. Then I lost it. Now it’s coming back. You make me laugh nick


Your welcome laugh the pain away…lol you are funny even for a hippie…

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for me u are kind…funny person…
take care…:ok_hand::oncoming_automobile:

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