Has sz decreased your humor?

Has sz made it harder for you to laugh?

Is it really tough or doesn’t come natural to find the joke of things?

Has sz made you forget your humorous side?

Is it a feeling or more of a logic thing?

Yes, it has decreased my sense of humour.

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My bro and I were smoking up once and it went like this…

Me: "You know why I don’t smoke up very much, bro? It’s because every time I do I just tell bad joke after bad joke…I think I’m the funniest guy in the world…but I just end up being a giant pain in the a$$ to everyone around me.

Bro: “So in other words, it has no effect on you at all!”

(We both hit the floor laughing our a$$es off to that reply)



Yes it has. It has also changed my humour. Sometimes when my friends laugh, I force it. But I know how to have fun :smiling_imp::hot_pepper:

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The doctors at the Psych Ward had a talk with my Dad…

They said something like, “Your son is running around telling bad jokes and hitting on all of the Nurses”

To which my Dad replied, “YES!!! Patrick is back to his old self!!”


(insert writer’s embellishment here)


yes. i really have hard times understanding the humor :confused:

Being able to see the humor out of adversity is a wonderful trait and I think you all have a lot of that.

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Humor had a significant role in my recovery. When I got sick at age 19 my case was severe and grim and there was nothing funny about it. I got locked up in a psychiatric hospital for 8 months and there was much suffering. About 5 months into that stay I was waiting in the lunch line to get food and an older women was walking around picking fights with other females. She got in a shouting match with this older lady and then turned around and ran off flapping her arms like wings on a bird. It cracked me up and on my next visit home I told my dad the story and we both had a good laugh over it.

I hadn’t laughed in a long time and just being able to laugh about my experiences released a lot of stress and it was comforting to know that I didn’t have to live like every day as if the Grim Reaper was waiting to get me at any moment.


I have a hard time to laugh. I smile a lot but it’s just a mask. I used to watch comedy and laugh a lot before I got ill. I hate this anhedonia that hit me. Nothing is fun or funny.

hmm actually I say some funny things when I’m psycho.
I remember them later.

then is my husband laughing at me or with me?

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Depression makes it difficult to laugh or feel joy.

Its gotten to the point where I am zapped of all life.

I feel like crawling under a rock and sleeping there for years to come.

Yes, its that bad!

I use to have a good sense of humor but sz took a lot away from me. It is as if I am hesitant to laugh or make jokes. My sister made a joke about about my paranoia this morning and I rudely told her that she knows nothing about paranoia. I know she was trying to make a joke but my ego could not handle it.
I find it much more difficult than before to laugh at funny stuff .

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I used to have a sense of humor too…maybe it was strange…but then I was always a bit strange.

Today I sit, stand, pace…drink beer and listen to the blues…today. When was the last time I laughed? I don’t know. It’s been difficult when my life has been seemingly over and done with but won’t and can’t come to an end…

It’d be good to laugh again though, real good. Been spending all my time alone though, spoke to the last friend I had and he told me “just make a new friend…that’s what you have to do” Just in my shape and with what’s going on with me that seems an impossibility.

I have trouble with understanding whats funny to other people. Usually what I think is funny is only funny to me.

:smiley: …no
take care :alien:

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My sisters told me that I have a great sense of humor.


My sense of humor , I think, is what has spared me from the pains of being too serious about somethings in life that I would otherwise be overwhelmed by. It levels the playing field so that I can still participate as a more normal player. However, I don’t make light of the serious things at all, but I do like to laugh intermittingly during the day just about anything else I can find to joke about. Laughing is a great stress reliever.

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Yes ive really lost my funny side. Most of the time people can’t tell if im joking or not. A lot of the time neither can i. I want my funny back damnit!

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Humor has decreased in me much. I still have the capacity. My relatives seem to find humor quite well and leaving me in the dust basically because my brain just can’t comprehend the light side of it.

I always seem to ruminate on problems when most of the times things just handle themselves.

Wherever your going in life you will get there eventually. Why have anxiety with things you can barely control?

I lost my humour , many many times :smile: