Focus on the funny

As so many already know, I live with my older brother who was diagnosed Sz when he was 17 and I was 6. It’s been an amazing childhood growing up with him.

These past few days have been rather hard for me due to large family dynamic. It’s usually my job as a care giver to keep the drama away from our door. But lately I haven’t been doing a very good job of it and my brother, the man I’ve been the care giver for; has become the caregiver recently.

Half of me wants to cut loose and just vent loud and long about what has made me so frustrated, angry and sad. But I don’t feel right wallowing.

He doesn’t let himself do it, I would feel very guilty if I did it. So instead of yelling angrily about what has me so mad, I have decided to try and focus on the funny. What’s funny today?

To cheer me up, my brother has super glued a new dollar coin to the sidewalk in front of our walk way. So far 13 people have spent a long time trying to pry it up. One guy even came back with a putty knife.

He also put a fake stuffed dog in his car, looking out. It’s a very realistic looking mini-beagle. The bark on the tape recorder is of a German Shepherd. That has made people stop and take a second look.

The more I focus on the funny, the less angry I am.
Thank you for letting me post.

What makes others smile?


you should super glue the chisel/putty knife next to it !!
people are just wierd !?!
i love seeing the sample plate in bakerys’ and all the people who rugby tackle each other just for a bird crumb with chocolate icing…!
or the poeple who have to try and find a park in a shopping centre as close as possible to the escalators !!
when there are a hundred empty spaces a few yards further !!
but one of my favorites are the ninety year olds who buy ferraris and aston martins but can hardly get in and out of them !?!
another one is when people go to a foriegn country and don’t bother learning the language and speak really slowly instead…errrr duh they don’t understand numb nuts !!
i love my niece who yesterday described her father on the toilet as " loud and smelly, men are just poohy ! "…they learn fast.
take care


I’m the oldest of six children, and I have schizophrenia, which my siblings do not have.

Once when I was driving on the highway with my youngest brother in the car, this other car and I competed for the same spot such that the female driver in the other car gave me the finger. I felt upset. My brother says, “God that girl was ugly!” That made me laugh.

Sometimes when I have problems with other people, I will call one or the other of my siblings on the phone upset about my interaction with some person.

For example, when I was living in the Industrial Park, I had problems with the business downstairs. I phoned my brother, and he listened for awhile, and then said, “A lot of his business must be done by computers, right? It would be really simple for me to just walk along the side of the building with hatchet at night and cut the phone lires going into his office. That would give him a surprise when he walked in in the morning!” And the absurdity of that and many other similar baroque schemes for unhinging enemies has gotten me laughing many times.


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Good title. A BIG turning point in my recovery was when I found I could laugh at a few of the silly aspects of schizophrenia with my dad. The ridiculous delusions. I was not cruel but I told my dad about this one lady in the hospital who was :…well… a bitch. She bothered EVERYBODY. Started fights, screamed at people. A troublemaker. One day we were in line for dinner in the hospital. It was 75 people in the line.This lady came up to some poor girl and got in her face and tried to intimidate her. The girl stood her ground and the lady walked away.BUT… she walked away flapping her arms like a big bird. I don’t know why she did it but it looked funny. she got out of sight and then two minutes later we heard yelling…then screaming. A few of us ran over and we saw that another girl patient had the lady in a headlock. The lady had picked on the wrong person and everybody laughed. When I told my dad this story a couple days later we both cracked up.

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