My laughter became dark

At first i laughed.

But then my laughter was dark.

I want to laugh again.

Hello Once Again … ,

You See ,

Your / Our Laughter May Have Seemed To Be Gone … ,

To Be Held Tite With Rayzors Of Drippy Drippy … ,

But NO (!!!) ,

Laughter is Within A Box … ,

Tite Within Our Heart … ,

It May Have Been A Few Days … ,

Months Or Even Years … , (I know it was obvious) ,

But STILL … ,

Your Laughter is Jus Waiting For A New Chuck Norris Joke … ,

Cause Dammit They STOPPED Making Those … ,

Blargh (!!!)

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I wish you could. Your sense of humor is still razor sharp, it hardly seems fair that you can’t laugh.

i had the remark from one friend that i had this… its good that you re aware of this,i wasnt at the time…