My new pdoc

Said I have severe negative symptoms. She also told that to my family Dr. I saw my family Dr today and he told me that. They work in the same clinic 5min from my house. Pdoc said she will try Clozapine on me. Otherwise she said thers no meds for negative symptoms sadly as they don’t respond to meds. But she said some APs can make them worse in some ppl. Hope its the case for me.


I saw my pdoc today going out of the clinic to her car, she looked at me so pretty sure she recignized me, she didn’t say hi neither me. We were far from each other though.


Have you started the clozapine yet?

I hope it helps. Negatives are ■■■■■■■ miserable to live with.

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Thers 2 tests that have to be done before being on Clozapine. I already did the ekg heart test and now I have to do the blood test a week before my pdoc apt in 13 nov. So i guess i will be on clozapine 13 nov.


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