Has anyone had a “miracle” on Clozapine?

I may go on it but am hesitant due to the seizure risks

By miracle I mean things such as you were enabled to work and be more social, or tormenting thoughts ceased or whatever difficulty you had was dramatically lessened or gone

Idk I am seeing 2 pdocs now, one recommended me Clozapine for negative symptoms while the other said it might not help or it might only help a bit. I still didn’t decide, Dr told me to give him a call if I want to try it. Both pdocs said it causes much more weight gain than my risperdal and I need to do a blood test every week. I also did a ekg heart test for clozapine as apparently it can cause heart problems.

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I’m desperate so I’m willing to do the blood tests. I hope we can find the rights drugs

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Sorry, wrong thread. I thought I was in my “announcement” thread

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I take Clozapine, but I also take Ziprasidone. However since going on the Clozapine, it has really helped with my positive symptoms. It is a very good medication if you can tolerate it.