Need opinion (seeing pdoc tomorrow)

I’m on 32mg of Perphenazine daily and it’s not really helping.

I’ve been on countless other APs and so far nothing is really working. I dont really want to go on Clozapine

My anxiety is toned down but I’m still paranoid and get tactile and visual hallucinations. What do you guys think I should do?

Increase my dosage? Go on another AP? Try Clozapine?

Any suggestions is appreciated.

Much love

I’m on clozapine and it has helped me pretty well. I still have some hallucinations like shadows that move in my peripheral vision.
I have gained a lot of weight and I drool at night.
Otherwise things are going quite well.
I’m resistant to other APs.

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I would try multiple AP’s if I were you. I wouldn’t want to go on Clozaril if I were you either.

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Try combination of two aps

@SkinnyMe @Qirat I’ve tried multiple APs, 2 to be exact, I dont want to go on 3. My pdoc put me on Perphenazine after multiple APs didn’t work.

Thanks for your advice guys, I’ll see what my pdoc says tomorrow.

I really don’t want to be on 2 APs but there are a lot of combos possible and I haven’t tried many out. My pdoc knows best and hopefully he knows a good combo. I dont care about the side effects as long as the APs work.

@FatMama worst comes to worst I’ll try out Clozapine. @roxanna had a bad experience with it and I really dont want to experience that. Well see what happens.

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