I'm struggling with harsh side effects. When will it get better 😕

I have become emotionless, and people say I’m like a zombie. I sleep around 15-16 hrs a day and when I dont I feel like death. This clozapine is not working one bit. I absolutely hate it. I have no sense of humor or euphoria, and I feel like ive been stripped of my personality. Not to mention I gained 10lbs. I want to take myself off it. I cant live like this any longer. If I stay on this drug, when will it get better :pensive:


I havent been on This drug but
I was emotionless on zyprexa.
You sleep way too much.
When do you meet your pdoc?
Were you given This because others didnt help?
How long have u taken it?

Is it at least getting rid of all your positive symptoms?

I meet with my pdoc in November and my therapist Monday. Yes, I was given it for treatment resistance. My meds like to work for a while then stop.

Yea but say if I order a pizza on the phone, I cant make out what the cashier is saying. So I pretend to know

Everyone’s experience with antipsychotics is different but for me there has been a tiny improvement and that is after 9 months.

Thanks for your feedback

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Is there another AP you have in mind?
Ive read about these problems,
Ive only experienced The opposite, being too up.

Yea. I’d rather get the fluphenazine injection or pill. I was pretty successful on that for 3 years, then I relapsed

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Paging @TheBest @FatMama @anon39015889

All these guys are on Clozapine and seem to like it. Maybe they can give you some insight into the side effects?

What dose are you on?

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Thanks. I’m on 225mg and over a month off of my injection

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Im on it and with adjustment it could be a great med for you :bird::bird::bird:

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I’m on 500 mg. I was taking it twice a day 200 am and 300 PM but now all at night. It makes me tired. The other side effect is drooling. Its not awful. I really have noticed that things are improving in positive symptoms. Still struggling with negative symptoms. Pairing it up with lamotrigine and zoloft has been very good.


My paranoia is nonexistent on it which worries me if I go off it my thinking will be back to paranoia

I think your lifestyle is incredibly important on any med. Exercise, eating healthy, and getting out of the house.

I could not get off the couch on Risperdal, but as soon as I changed to Clozapine I became fairly active and was smart enough to follow a diet plan.

When I first started Clozapine I would go to bed around 3pm and wake up around 3am. The longer I’ve been on it the less tired I’ve been. I now go to sleep around 9pm after having been on it for around 10 months.

You have to get a good routine going. It takes a while for your joints to back to normal. Start slow then increase your work load over time.

I make a medley of spinach, asparagus, and broccoli. I eat that through out the day. It’s integral in turning your life around.

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Thanks for everyone that responded @TheBest @FatMama @GrayBear… Can you guys cry on this med? I cant

I can’t really cry. On an occasion I do but isn’t related to anything and I have no idea why.

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No I have a pretty flat affect. :raccoon::raccoon::raccoon:

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