My neighbor is trying to read my mind

Sometimes it seems like other people can read my mind too. One time I was sitting outside a McDonald’s in Wal Mart. I was thinking about refreshing myself with ice tea, and this guy started talking about someone getting hyped up on sugar and caffeine drinking McDonald’s sweet tea, which was exactly what I was thinking. Things like that happen to me all the time.

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Yes, we can discard other options. The OP is struggling, don’t tell him it’s aliens reading his mind.


Hey Nick, you haven’t done anything to be embarrassed of. Posting on what you are feeling is letting others to help you. Whichever way you are choosing, you are doing good.

For the reading mind stuff, I would only say it is impossible for any human or machine to read once mind. People’s behaviour may help us in understanding what is going to be their next move the psychology stuff etc. but knowing exactly what’s going on in their head is not what an ordinary person can do.

yes i understand.
so i have changed it, and have posted something that helps me
concerning this believe.

Sometimes co-incidents happen too…That might be the case. Don’t worry about such stuff.

Unless you believe in God, your private stuff is always private to you. With God, it is a different story.

No privacy is breached unless you are threat to someone or your own self. The people who want to look into what’s going behind the closed doors of someone’s life are most of the times curious people. There you see the cases if installing cameras, hacking accounts or tracking web history. These kind of stuff is not easy and not an ordinary person is able to do this.

well sure, looking into technology is one thing.
yet if they hacking your mind is a whole different story.
i and think we all are raised up with the believe that the mind
was personal or private space.

I now know they can do this, how i do not know.
i have no other choice then too accept this.
yet took about some years too get used too that idea
and im still having trouble with it sometimes.

Your thoughts are yours and only yours. No one can approach them unless you tell it yourself. As I mentioned we may try to guess but again even only professional psychologists can be close to what a person may do. An ordinary person cannot do so.

You may get out of it if you start realising that “Very few people have interest in others life. The few who have are often your closed ones or immediate relatives.” Don’t be shy in sharing what you think. I hope you would be able to realise that no human or machine can read someone’s mind. And I don’t believe in Aliens or spirits.

i whish it would be true

yet i have good indications too think otherwise.
think what you would like.
ignorance can be a bliss.

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Right before I go out the door to run an errand she will often stomp so loud while thinking of me that I can’t ignore it and it wrecks my confidence. I don’t know how else to take it except as the threat it is meant to be. She has made it her goal to do anything in her power to wreck me. No matter how sneaky and rotten it is. I can overlook one incident. I can overlook ten or twenty incidents.But every day for four years is too much.

I think that old lady might have a problem with her mentality by making so much noise to annoy you (just maybe ) , but I don’t believe she has some high tech device to monitor or read your mind. If she is a CIA , she maybe have some high tech. But most likely she is just an ordinary woman who has no magic power. She might be a bit crazy , but what she can do is just stomping the floor.

Another possibility is she happens to have a habit of stomping the floor at a certain period of time of a day.

Anyway, please don’t complicate your life with mind reading technology or magic. In that way life is too stressful.

It happens often enough that it would be hard for it to be a coincidence.

Nick, I am going to be as direct with you as possible - you dont seem well. You really ought to talk to your pdoc - tell him what you are feeling and experiencing, because from my vantage point, what you are describing about this woman is completely off the wall - irrational - No one is trying to read your mind. If I was not doing so well I would want others telling me this.
You have been sounding a bit off for a while - you dont sound like the practical/rational minded person that you really are.
Talk to your doctor, talk to your family - you probably need a simple medication adjustment - good luck to you


i’m sorry you’re having to deal with this. it sounds really rough and the timing would concern me as well. do you have an appointment coming up soon where you can discuss it further? whatever her intentions or abilities are, that they’re distressing to you is important and i hope you can speak openly about it with your doctor. best to you

I think you might be delusional, nick77. Try talking to your pdoc about this and see what he / she thinks?

Knowledge tells you that that black and white animal is a skunk, and wisdom tells you not to go near it. +1 great way of putting it