Neighbors still reading my mind

I’m afraid to come on this site in the living room because when I read the word “schizophrenia” or “psychosis” the neighbors can tell I’m crazy and start their coughing and other things to let me know.
It drives me crazy. I have no privacy anywhere. They’re hypersensitive. And total as*holes.


I think you should talk to your doctor. He will be able to help you.


No. It doesn’t happen like that and thank gawd because my mind is so full of twisted stuff they’d be really doing stuff.

Seriously. If your serious and don’t call me Shirley. You might want to rethink your medication strategy. It’s a struggle if your thinking like that and increases may be in order.

People don’t have tp as the science fiction people say. It’s you versus the universe for sure but your not doing anything positive thinking such things.

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Yeah, I know real mind reading is impossible but what is it then? Whenever I come on this site they pick up on it. They’re probably just sensitive to mental illness because their unstable son is on medication for bipolar or something.

You probably react different to others because your sensitive. They just do what other people do. It’s like if you act out people will respond so even body language can be something people pick up on.

As too things like coughing because you looked at them…it’s tied in with all that ideas of reference stuff. It can be like most paranoia…it can be so subtle and believe me even if your projecting high functioning you can really be struggling…

Most people really don’t care unless your acting out…then that is another problem.


Do you have another room you can move to? You probably know my situation. I hope it goes away the damn neighbors thing for us both. don’t be stupid like me and start yelling at them. It could make things worse like rogue said.


Its you seeing coincidences as somehow being related. It’s really very simple, Nick. Its you doing something, seeing some coincidence and believing that your actions were the cause of them. It’s very common in sz. You are just making false connections.


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Btw, this isn’t just some theory of mine. I’ve done it myself when being psychotic and borderline psychotic, so I’m not just making it up.

For example, most recently, earlier in the year, I remember making comments to people online about how parents didnt make it easy on me always stocking all kinds of sweets in house when I was trying to avoid them with me having diabetes.

Then when I was looking for a bit of sugar for a bland cereal, and couldn’t find it. My dad said something like “We hid it from you because we thought you didn’t want it around the house”. He didnt really, it was just in the back of cupboard, but in my state at the time I thought that they somehow knew what I had typed online.

They did not. It was just a coincidence. This is one of a myriad of times I read coincidences as being connected. It really is part of the disorder, man. These connections are not real.


I realize that, more than likely, you are not going to believe or appreciate this truth at the current time. Maybe at some point in the future you will.

But this IS what’s really going on, man. If you want the truth, this is it.

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I really understand your issues about surveillance.
Now I will reveal somethings.
I thought that people understood what I said to them from my open window two stairs from the street. No one heard me talking to them but I thought so. Some evenings I heard people bullie me and call me names even from the cars driving down on the street. So I tried to communicate with strangers down on street with music so they understod how I felt. I was both paranoid and grandiose at the same time. That all stopped 8 month ago and I feel better than ever.
This is the first time I mention this.


@A77 please stop reinforcing others unusual beliefs.


Been waiting for the banning threats was too quite.

You are confused as that was not a threat, it was a promise. Enjoy your time off.


Nick I do really understand what it’s like being in your shoes. For 29 years I had the same issues like you but now it’s finally healed.
But I hope for the best for you.:blue_heart:


I am not sure what I am experiencing is similar but I feel like whatever I do someone is there to criticize or bring me down so that I do not do the things. I have tried to build a routine that will keep me occupied and not bother about such things. Even if someone is trying to put me down I will do what I set to do.

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