My Mother's Voice

I dislike my mother’s voice. It makes me feel angry and aggressive. No matter what she says or how she says it, it always sounds like she’s trying to override me. She hates when I talk back, and she asks me things that I can’t say no to. I feel forced down when she talks. My grandmother’s voice is the same way. I hate hearing them talk.

I’m supposed to be around both of them tomorrow. I’m scared I’ll blow up and do something stupid. I wish I didn’t have to be around them. I need a quiet place far away from everyone. My ears have been ringing from the incessant chatter. It makes me uneasy.

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Can you pretend to be tired and go nap?

Good luck… I hope there is a way you can tell them you feel like she’s trying to override you when she talks to you.

There have been times when my son has told me that he hated the sound of my voice. In a way I understood why so I tried not to take it personally. No one wants to hear someone saying things they don’t want to hear. Also my son’s own emotions where on the negative side at the time so he reacted negatively to outside things quicker and stronger. Are there certain topics that you could ask them to not talk about? Maybe give them ideas of things that you would be willing to talk about. Things that you enjoy or are interested in. Ask them to talk quietly if that will help. I hope tomorrow goes ok.

Please excuse my post. I was worried about today, but I did ok. I got a bit anxious but I managed to take a nap and I felt much better.

I just don’t like speaking to my mother much. She doesn’t understand things I talk about a lot and finds them evil. She’s also very emotional, and I react badly to how she expresses it. It makes me feel in danger and I get aggressive if I don’t buffer myself. I hadn’t had much sleep lately and it causes me to be more reactive and volatile to emotions.

I should be better in the morning. I get to sleep in for tonight. Thank you all for the support.

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