My mother didn't teach me to cook or clean or anything

So I got in the habit of thinking I can’t. It is very frustrating. I am making excuses for her.

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If you can read you can cook. Get yourself a cookbook


I did learn how @Loke. But I gained no confidence.

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they teach it in Home Ec. in school.

I just wish I had taken auto mechanics. it wasn’t what us girls did.

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Yes, I took home ec until one of the class’s requirements was to plan your wedding. I quit at that.


That’s kinda funny, I never had that since I was only a freshman,

but now it’s an industry a whole degree as an event planner.

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My mum did not teach me to cook but I make even better food than her now :))

aint that something

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I never really spent time cooking with my mom, but I learned at a young age as she worked; my sisters and I were left to fend for ourselves. It wasn’t her fault, though. She was a single parent and doing her best.

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All the crap I’ve ever done in life in my 58 years I did with zero confidence including cooking. Believe me, you can cook with no confidence.


It is more productive to live life freely as an adult in the present without analyzing your mother’s parenting skills while you were a child. After all, you still learned how to cook, and that was a long time ago.

You can prepare your favorite young people better for the real world by teaching them things you wish your mother taught you.

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You’re right excepting I had trouble trying to teach children. I couldn’t block out mother’s influence.

There’s a special place in my heart for single parents. I wish my mother had had the courage. The closest she got to that was writing a letter to her husband about separating and then she never sent it.

Is your mother still alive?

No. She died in '98.

It sounds like you need closure.

My mother didnt either.

My mother taught me how to love.


My mother was the same, but I got paranoid I would turn into her and became compulsively clean. Had to really train myself to let certain things go.

My Mother, Father, and some of the men in her life taught me to cook some. My first step-father taught me to clean. I must say those skills came in handy at the low income apartment and the group home. (So what’s so messed up about your life without those skills?)

I’m gonna be blunt with you, Chordy.
I understand the deep scars parents and the deficiencies in the way they brought you up can leave.
But. You seem to blame all your deficiencies on your parents. As far as I can recall, you’re in your 70’s. Which means you’ve had plenty of time as an adult to improve yourself and correct your parents mistakes.

It’s time you let go of the bitterness over a crappy childhood.