My mother didn't teach me to cook or clean or anything

It is partly because my parents blamed themselves. They avoided me and thought everyone else would take care of me. My pdoc also taught me that my parents’ mistakes affected me. I know I made big mistakes in my choices in life. I didn’t care. And, I guess I don’t care if I don’t show my parents respect in their death.

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Yeah I feel this. I had no chores at all until I was 13 years old and my twin sisters were born and my mom just couldn’t handle everything anymore. I was hugely spoiled as a child. Even then my primary chore was just babysitting, and when my sisters got older I didn’t have that anymore. Being on my own at college helped me to become more independent but really I’m pretty useless when it comes to basic life stuff.

I’m with @Miika. I’m sorry you had a crappy childhood, @chordy. But it is past time to move on from it. What good does hanging on to it do? Your parents are not responsible for you, you are, and that’s really all you need. Love yourself. Your parents were only human, and so are you and the rest of us. We’ve all made bad decisions and had unfair things happen to us. It is part of the human experience. You do not need to let your parents dictate your life and your happiness – that is a victim mentality that doesn’t serve you.

I have asked my mum to teach me to cook things before, but I am the same, my mum never really taught me to cook.

I’m not interested in myself enough to make much of an effort.

Why was this brought back?

I learned what I know on my own with a few exceptions.

You can do it @chordy! Check out recipe books from the library, cook things in the oven and or microwave. It is never too late to learn.

Not gonna get into parents teaching their kids ■■■■, cause I’ve failed at it with mine, and my husbands parents taught him nothing.

But on a better note, Pinterest is great for learning to cook. My daughter since taking over the cooking, does a lot from there or uses it as a guideline. I mean, my basics are frying boneless skinless chicken breast in margarine and coating it with a dredge of flour, lawry’s seasoned salt, garlic and onion powder. Fry till brown on both sides and crispy, usually not too hard to cook thoroughly because the breasts I buy are kinda flattish to begin.

Then pouches of 4 cheese Betty Crocker’s instant mashed taters, and we’ve got a rice cooker that she just starts whenever she gets up for the day.

Yeah, we’re not at all a fresh food family, everything is canned or frozen. Only fresh I buy is apples and potatoes, but have bad luck with potatoes cause there’s usually a unseen rotten one in the middle, and then the whole bag is shot. Happens, otherwise we’re still figuring the best way to bake a potato in the oven. Cause I need them to really soften all the way thru. But work in progress.

I tried to teach my daughter but she showed no interest. But she has started cooking in the last year - she’s 19. I’m proud of her for making an effort.

At least you’re interested.

I don’t check the forum every day. I noticed I had missed a post so I responded.

Some stores buy individually wrapped potatoes. Try those – if one is bad, the others should still be fine since they’re packaged separately.

I might look at that, but they’re usually the huge “baking” potatoes and I don’t wanna spend $1.99 a potato, especially if we do end up with a decent bag for 99 cents. I’ll do some snooping, cause the store i use doesn’t have like grab your own potatoes that some places do, like with apples or oranges, etc.

They had a problem with a stock of truck they got in before Xmas, looks like the refrigerator truck wasn’t on? Or malfunctioned? They threw out like 5,000 dollars worth of spoiled stuff, which sucks cause it was bad before it got to the store, so couldn’t even mark it down or anything.

I refrigerate my potatoes…they last longer that way.

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