If you only want your mother's cooking you can go marry your mother

Fussy bachelors anyway.

My husband used to talk about a few things his mom made, but now only likes my food.

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My mom’s cooking was actually pretty darn good!


Did you battle with your wife about it, @MrSquirrel
Was it difficult to get him to like your cooking? @DearZombie

Nope, not really. I’m a good cook when I put the effort in.

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Don’t know which is more pathetic;
1st husband hated my mom’s cooking (liked everything to taste exactly the same each time- no alternates/substitutes- and no more than 2 things in the entire mix.
current husband just loves any/everything my mom makes- including simple sandwiches, and store bought ready to eat meals- that don’t compare to mine.

I don’t even try to cook anymore.

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My Mom’s cooking was the best around!
God bless her.


I never married but I used to live with my mom. I liked what she cooked, but I didn’t go overboard with it. Now that I live alone in the Albert Pike Residence Hotel I only use the microwave. I really don’t know how to cook.

My wife had City and guilds in cookery. She wasn’t one to cook fancy dishes, because her income had never made it possible . She cooked what she cooked well.

My mother as the wife of a diplomat lived in the Belgium Congo,Thailand,San Francisco and Zurich. She mixed with quite a cosmopolitan group of people. Thus she learnt of quite a few exotic(for the average Brit) dishes and had the finances to make them . She also cooked what she cooked well.

I miss both their cooking .


Nope, no need to. We enjoy cooking together. We try to attend cooking classes together when we can and learn new things. I’m better with sauces and homemade pastas than her and she runs circles around me with her baking. We do like trying to prepare new recipes together. Much more fun than dining out. Nothing beats enjoying a meal with your wife that you have prepared together.

If you’re not familar with James Barber / Urban Peasant, his old cooking videos are on Youtube. He basically viewed cooking and romance as being interchangeable. We have all of his cookbooks.


My sister and brother-in-law made a hobby of cooking. You remind me of them. I was not so lucky with men. They always seemed to say their mothers did it different.

Nothing stopping them from cooking their own meals…

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