Tim you will save on take away as we will be cooking x

That was stepdaughter’s comment.

My reply: “Eek ! I can’t even organise myself to plan what to cook for a week.”

Her reply: “We will do it together xx”


@firemonkey do you live independently?

I live independently but am regarded as having " Limited ability to live independently in the community "

You’re step daughter sounds very kind and helpful!


She is . She said she made a promise to her mother to make sure I was ok when her mother died.


Like I said before your step daughter sounds like a Gem.
Your lucky to have her in your life.

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It will be okay. Cooking is one of those throngs that seems really daunting at first, but once you’re used to it, it can be fun and make you proud of yourself. I used to have no idea what to do in a kitchen, and I was afraid to try. But now, I have a pretty good routine. I know how to make a few basic quick meals, and I can even do more fancy things on occasion. It just takes practice, and a few burnt/gross failures.

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