My mom threatens to cut off with me

She often stressed and asked me to remember if i ever relapse again she would dump me and not get together with me anymore. I would not be allowed to live at home. Should i wait until that happen?

I think its definite I’d relapse. I feel uncomfortable she’s leaving me.

That’s horrible. How old are you?
Are there any major stress factors in your life besides this?

My dad tells me he’ll go off the grid lol.

Do you have any way to get your own housing?

I’m 39. I cannot live alone. I fear an alone life and i can’t pay for the rent.

Where are you from? Are you on disability? There are housing you can apply, you won’t end up on the streets don’t worry.

If i go for public housing, i heard the wait is more than 15 years. The queue is long and the provisions are little. And i don’t fit in the requirements. Probably need to lose the job.

I’m from hong kong. We dont have much benefits. I’m quite on my own.

Can you get a roommate to help with housing costs?

Oh, I’m from Macau. Was born there but moved to portugal in '98 :smile: Been to hong kong a lot of times. My cousin is living there.

You’ll find a way, I’m sure there’s something you can do. And maybe your mother is just scared, I know how difficult it must be having a mental illness in China.

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Can’t inagine anyone want to live with me. Our living place are extremely crowd. I think the rent of a small room is more than all of my income.

But i feel she is going to do it. It’s as if she has determined to leave me alone. I dont have anyone if she leave me.

I’ve been to macau a lot of time. Nice to meet you.

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I’m really sorry you’re going through this, but you need to relax and tackle the issue if it arrives. If the day doesn’t come, you’ll just be worrying without any reason for it.

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Yikes. I know nothing about the living situation over there. Getting a roommate worked out really well for me, because we ended up having a ton in common, but it is a huge gamble. I hope you can figure out something. Are you familiar with You could probably find someone to stay with for a week or so at a time, to give your mom a break if she needs it.

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I cant think properly. It’s difficult to talk myself out of the worry. I don’t feel well, i think it has to do with the worry. I know i probably would relapse. I heard voices a lot. I lost track of reality easily.

I think the amount of pressure you put yourself in doesn’t help. Do you do therapy?

Actually my mom is on vacation in a week of time. She has quite a few trips this year she often take a break from me.

Our therapy service is not good–i dont have one for now. I talk to the social worker they often say i have to rely on myself.

Good. You will probably feel way less pressure when she is on vacation.

That sucks. But your mom being on vacation gives you some time alone to relax, no?