My mom is so sick

my poor mom is so sick with poop and vomiting from the colonoscopy prep

i feel so bad but there is nothing i can do to help her

she wont let me help her get threw it

she still has 2 more magnesium citrates to go

one past due and the other she has to get up during the night at 4am and drink it

i think she is over hydrated cause they told her to drink 64oz in between drinks

its so horrible for her to go threw this im gonna stay up with her tonight make sure she gets up for her last drink

Ahh bless you. I hope she will get through OK :+1:

Hey @yoda123 . Have never had a colonoscopy myself but I’ve known many people that have. Good luck with the colonoscopy, I hope it all turns out well and that the rest of the prep goes more smoothly.

@Bowens @anon85745701 ty for your support
i will keep you informed how it turns out


Is your mom drinking that flavorless gel stuff?

You are being such a loving child to care for and help your mother this way. I hope with the extra attention you are giving her it makes it easier for her to get through. Magnesium citrate is quite jarring to the system especially if it’s your first time.

@roxanna no they told her to go on magnesium citrate three times

and for the past 5 days she had to take miralax 3 times a day which isnt any better

but they did not give her the jugs from the pharmacy u usually get and a strict diet for five days

and then all liquid started yesterday

@Leaf this her 4th but this new way of doing it for 5 days is much worse i have ever seen ty


My bowels are so messed up I can drink a whole bottle of magnesium citrate and not have a bowel movement. It sucks. Miralax taken daily with tons of water does help a bit though

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@CoCo im the same with my bowels
i think part of my mom is that she is older and it is harder on her system

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