Results about my mom

my mom finally got results of her colonoscopy
the polyps were precancerous but not a big deal just means another colonoscopy in 6 months to make sure no new ones
but still no reason for all her symptoms
she saw the np today and she was great
her doctor just blew her off
the np took it seriously
she set up bloodwork for tomorrow morning cause it has to be fasting and she ate before the appointment
then she set up a ct scan for her stomach pain
i brought up that she was short of breath and very cold all the time
so after that and learning she had to get an iron infusion 2 years ago
she said we are not going to take a chance so she set her up with an endoscopy
she also put in a request for her to see a blood doctor
she told my mother that her pain maybe from the iron she takes that some people cant handle it but she doesnt want to take a chance of missing anything
so we will find out tomorrow or probably monday cause of the weekend
my mom loved the np and wishes she was a doctor
now we wait
thanks for listening


I’m glad your mother was heard. I’m glad she has you too.

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@Leaf ty we need something good

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Thank goodness the polyps aren’t anything dangerous!

Take care, Yoda.

:hugs: :rose:

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@Montezuma ty I’m glad they aren’t cancerous but still have to figure out why she is bleeding internally

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You are taking good care of your mother…
PM if you need to vent any time


@zoa ty very much i really appreciate it

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