My mom is having guests, I feel uncomfortable

Anyone else feels uncomfortable when someone comes over? I live with my mum and I had an uncle and aunt with cousins visiting and now her co-workers. I feel uncofortable as i am antisocial :frowning:


Depends on who. We often get visitors.

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I also don’t feel comfortable when visitors come over. I want my house to myself lol! I feel like I have to put on another face when others visit. I’m not very social at all


One of the reasons I’m glad to live on my own


I feel really uncomfortable with such too.

My boyfriend and I are going to a birthday party next weekend and I struggle with such.
I go silent.don’t speak.feel uncomfortable and feel awful usually.

My sister and nephew visited and i couldn’t stand being with them.
I was so uncomfortable.

My dad visited and I was uncomfortable with him too.
My own parent I’m uncomfortable with.
Sometimes we can share a laugh and have a comfortable moment but mostly it’s uncomfortable also because how he sees me and what happened in past.

The only person I’m comfortable with now is my boyfriend.

I’m going to the birthday party to please him as I’m committed to him.
Hopefully it will go well.

I avoid people but a few times a year I may have to endure.

I really love my boyfriends family but it can still be uncomfortable.
Hopefully I will be comfortable.

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I don’t feel comfortable when visitors stop in my house.
As a matter of fact I hate it.

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I get nervous because I have terrible social skills. Are you ok if you stay in your room while they’re there?

I dont like it at this point in my life. That may change in the future but for now i just leave the house if family comes over. If its friends then i stay in my room

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