When i was young

i remember family would come for visits and i would go upstairs and watch tv avoiding them. and it was like that this summer as well when people would come over, i would only stay for a few minutes and then go to the seclusion of my own place. am i reverting back to my old self?

i thought i outgrew it, but now, i just don’t have much to say to them and don’t find their conversation interesting. it’s just obligatory to speak to them a little or be around when they’re here. and of course i have my favorites. some people who come over i will sit and speak with for hours.

when i was a kid i could hangout with my friends all day, but now i don’t like to do that anymore. im a little anti social or have my favorite people and preffered company. i take after my mom in that department.

I’m like that too. I like company of my husband but not really any more than that. I’m more comfortable by myself. When I go to family functions I get tired and overwhelmed easily and retreat to a quiet room and read my book. I’m not fond of socialising.

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IDK, I like being around my sisters, they’re nice. I can stand the people at work. I don’t always enjoy getting looked at.

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