My mother. Strange woman

Oh dear how do I describe my mother.

I’ve gotten tattoos with my mom, smoked pot with my mom, done pills with her. She’s a millionaire business owner. Single mother of an only child. Strong.

At times she’s been a great friend to me, sometimes to a fault. Always with patience, always with love. She’s one of my biggest supporter. Some times enabler.

She will say the medications have helped me, but at the same time, she believes some of my symptoms are because I’m psychic, and really seeing ghosts. She believes in that stuff.

It’s going to be just us left, then just me. I love her very much, I promise to take care of her. Gods know she’s taken care of me.

What’s your relationship with your mother like? Do you get along?


I have a pretty good relationship with my mother.

I would consider her a friend, too.

She worked hard (with my father) to provide a idyllic childhood for my sister and I,

Mostly, they succeeded.

I don’t tell her about all my symptoms and medications because she thinks I’m just “stressed out” and not schizophrenic.

That’s hard, I wish I could tell her more, but it would just cause suffering on her part.

Anyway, I love my mother very much and am very thankful to her for the life she gave me.


I have my mom and dad. I talk way more to mom, always us blabbing on about something. When stressed out too much I go to her, it is relaxing. Just being in the same room really.

But she does get a little too assertive with suggesting life changes, like cutting my hair or doing exercises. I will only do these things if I have good internal reason to.

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I had a poor relationship with my mother. She could be ok but then she’d have fits of hatred and I was always afraid of her. She was angry that I became sz.

I lost my Mom to cancer in 2007. Lost my Dad to cancer in 2009.

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I had a weird relationship with my mother. She left me with my great grandparents and lived her life. She was bipolar and I suspect she was schizoaffective based on what I know now and her behavior.

She died in 2010. It took me a long time to come to terms with how she was.

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As a kid, my mom was a terrible mom. But since then, she’s made drastic changes. We’re very close now

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I was very close to my Mom.
She passed away from advanced dementia last year.

I will always love her.

As a child I hated my mother. She was extremely physically and emotionally abusive. She even almost killed me a couple of times…

Growing up I always felt like I had to be the adult. Our house was filled with constant fighting, screaming, and aggression.

And yet, despite all of that, I still love her.

Now that I’m an adult we get along a lot better. The physical abuse has stopped. We’ve been slowly repairing our relationship and it’s a lot healthier now.

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I get along very well with my mother but religion is a big wall between us. She’s never liked it that I turned muslim and tries to get me to turn back to her Christian religion. She’s very devout. But other than that we have excellent relationship. When I visit her we chat, cook together and play scrabble :blush:

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I am basically in the same situation.

My mother has done a lot for me, and I am so grateful.

Some day we’ll part company, but until then I will do my best to appreciate her and be kind.

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Im very close to my mother I don’t think I can live without her

My mom is 73 and still working full time. She plans to retire in March. She didn’t do a great job raising my brother and me but she put a roof over our head and food on the table as a single mother. She has her quirks, a bit of a hoarder and won’t wash dishes.

She’s helping me with a down payment on a new home. She says she just wants me to be happy.

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I’d say we’re pretty close.

I get along great with my mother. She’s more like my best friend.

She doesn’t really believe in the heebie jeebies so I can talk to her about symptoms without her thinking it’s something paranormal.

We both believe that there’s a component to schizophrenia that’s akin to a spiritual struggle.

But she’s a big believer in science and meds.


thats awesome, for christmas be sure to make her something that makes her feel proud and loved

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My mum is 77 and has been caring for my sister with some severe mental health difficulties and alcoholism for the past 8 years
Before that she was my carer for about 6 or more years and for our schizophrenic middle sister for 12 years

She has also been positive and like a rock to me
She is my world outside of my marriage

As a carer she can get the vaccine early
I hope before she gets covid

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