I crated a new facebook profile and

I added a couple of people I knew from high school…

Unfortunately now I have 3 friend requests from people I went to school with who were part of a past (Drugs) that I want nothing to do with.

How do I sort this out?

Do I just block them?

1 of them I barely knew at school, so have no idea why he would be adding me.

I maybe saw him at school, and he would have known me, but we barely even shared a conversation and he’s adding me as a friend?

It was perhaps a mistake going back on there…

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I have a facebook and only hold on to it to keep in touch with one person.

It’s a terrible place.

I’d just delete my account.

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Do they still use drugs? If so, I would avoid them.

If not, second question would be do youlike them?

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I would just decline the friend requests. I do it all the time, there are some people who I just don’t want to have to deal with


Yea thats what the block option is for. Or maybe just delete their friend request. Thats what I did.


Just delete the request. You aren’t required to answer requests. I cut my friends list way down a few years ago and am much happier.


Just because you are friends with someone you don’t have to talk to them. I have like 400 friends. Very little interaction with any of them. Sometimes I get friend requests from people I don’t even know but Facebook says we have like 50 mutual friends or more. Sometimes I delete the request and other times I accept it. Depends what group of friends we have in common. If it’s a military friend I usually accept it. But if it’s high school friends or something I will delete it.

I served with so many people.

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I have a bunch of people I barely knew friend me. I accepted and spoke with them a bit, Nothing bad came about because of it.

That’s how it started with me, one friend from school friended me, which led to another, and another and it snowballed. I’m now up to 60 friends.

Just decline the friend requests you don’t want, you don’t have to say anything to them, they’ll probably get the point. If they harass you then you can block them. I’ve never had to block anyone, I don’t even know how.

I hardly ever look at my Fecesbook. I have tons of “friends” but I consider them more as sources. I only friend somebody who does something interesting, art or music primarily, and occasionally people who hang around those types of things with an obsessiveness I can’t be bothered with. So every once in a while I’ll get a text “so and so sent you a …” and maybe I’ll look at it.

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Use facebook How you want, or not at all. :+1:


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