My Hotmail Got Hacked

I’m getting messages from Amazon, Fed Ex, American Express, Pay Pal.

I’ve never dealt with any of these companies before.

What do I do to fix this?

I changed my name, but don’t know how to delete my account.

Change your password. You dont want people having access to it. I think you will just have to scroll to the bottom and click unsubscribe to stop getting emails though. I would check the emails too, you dont want someone creating accounts and using your information.

People still use hotmail ?

@anon39015889 I use hotmail as well, maybe because I’m old. I have a gmail account that I’ve never used, set it up so I could have a YouTube account.

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I see,
It seems that hotmail is indeed dead, its owned by microsofts outlook now.

Im sure the original hotmail accounts stille exist though !

I changed my name to some goofy fictional character, so companies will know I’m not serious, and I just changed my password.

We’ll see if that helps.

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I still have my hotmail account after 20 years.

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My yahoo account got hacked. You might have a key logger on your computer. Change your password to something obscenely long. All of my passwords now are 20 or more characters. I use uppercase lowercase numbers and symbols. Just make sure to write it down. For example here is a password similar to what I use. Wantsome3476@%&SixSevenLDS This is what my passwords look like. Key loggers can’t see if it’s upper or lowercase.

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I posted a picture from my hotmail account on a forum. Do you think someone traced the elements of the picture to my account to see where it came from, and then got access to my account?

Eeeeegggghhh. Hotmail went out of style like 10 years ago. Switch to a more secure provider.

No, Hotmail isn’t that insecure and hacking doesn’t work that way. Your symptoms are acting up again, my friend.

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They can’t trace you from a picture. Are you sure you did not create a PayPal account at some point for ebay or other online shopping?

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