I've had my Email for years

I’ve had my same hotmail account since hotmail came out what 20 years ago? It’s amazing. I don’t get that much junk either. Well outlook cleans it well. I really rely on Email to stay in touch with people. My brothers and sister have their names as their email and their own domains. My brother didn’t get me one though for some reason but it’s ok.


I’ve had gmail since it started. I lost the password to my yahoo and hotmails.

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when did gmail start?

I have had aol since 1995

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I am not sure. I know I made my one gmail in 2000. Pretty sure it was then, but I could be wrong.

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Isn’t it weird to think of how long it’s been?

Nope 2004. Whoops.

My yahoo has been the same since 1998, lol. I have a gmail without the 666 at the end of my name as my gmail is my 218. Gmail is for kids teachers to contact me or order from certain sites. I use both to sign up to get coupon codes for stuff I use, so if they’re 1 time only I can do it twice.

Also the yahoo is my survey sites email linked to my amazon. So earned giftcards go there and goes right into the amazon with 1 click, so much easier.

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I had a Yahoo account since the 1990’s I think. But I had to get a Gmail account when I switched from a flip phone to an Android smartphone. I don’t remember when that was.

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