"Mymail"? And how 'someone' is in my email

I know I didn’t get this problem from the schizophrenia.com website! First and foremost.

Apparently “MyMail” is a subsidiary of “My.com”, which is in the “orbit” of Russian websites. (I’m half Ukrainian, but like jesus already

I change a password, or challenge question, but the problem is they are in my email(s), so they change them back.

Creepiest part so far: is that I got the greeting email from Mymail, initially(Wish I studied it more), but this person deleted it, and must have deleted it (again?), which may be the key, or where I must try to start, before this gets worse.

Please reply if you think of anything I should do first, next, etc. I’m slow to go to my folks due to embarrassment over one or two sent emails, and maybe that’s why I’m being targeted?

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That’s ok @anon64158233
I’m currently having delusional thinking surrounding my new therapist and my Skype account.

I found 2 strange accounts on my contact list.

I blocked one contact and deleted the other.

I don’t trust this lady there is something very fishy about her.

Now she has my telephone number and address information.

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Skype has been around for years. It’s pretty chill. The account you saw were probably the ones for the company or just random adds. Just delete and don’t worry about it.

Someone isn’t “fishy” for using Skype. That’s a delusion. People used to use it all the time for work videos before Zoom and Teams came along.


Hmmm, did you ever have a really bad experience with a therapist or PDoc in your life? You seemed to shop for a new one for a long time, and are currently using a lot of scrutiny on your latest one.

I walked away from one because she didnt watch any movie or read a book(s) that would have helped move discussions.

I think I have a problem here for real. Mymail is like a universal thing that ties all your email accounts together and allows access from one place.

Yesterday, someone ordered Kindle Unlimited for 80.dollars and even gifted it to themself and wrote a generic gift message!!!

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these weird things happen to me all the time,
but I try to tell myself it isn’t on purpose or foul play.

yesterday on here, sz.com, I didn’t get Any notifications
on the Likes on that pic I posted of my son. Didn’t know
there was a lot of likes til I got notification of “Earned Good Topic”

it doesn’t happen all the time, on here and Facebook,
but even on my blog things are missing on the archives.

idk, it’s annoying.


Thanks for the reply and I’ll say ‘the bump’, @Daze. That must’ve been temporarily confusing at best, to think you were ‘hearing crickets’ regarding a photo of your son. Scary too, at the other side of the spectrum.

I’ll take the segway of THAT a little bit in the next two paragraphs, and say I’m making mistakes now, and the perpetrator knows my address by getting into my Doordash account(my bro gave a gift card for Christmas to me), and coincidentally we used it last night. I had uploaded the credit to the doordash website weeks ago.

But the biggest mistake is I contributed to a 529 that my SIL set up for the baby in the fam… the email back I got this morning includes his(the baby’s) first name.

There’s a lot of hooks into me here. Bad actors want to know you, they want to know what’s important. ; /.

well, if you suspect a scam, you should call the police,
believe it or not,
they handle these issues.
or go to the site or service and report it.
you might not get anywhere,
but if more people are reporting,
they will have to take it seriously.

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Enlisted my Dad… we bonded I think. He’s computer science. Apparently it’s ‘robots’ that pull this stuff.

The first piece of evidence originated at Amazon, and they were the hardest part to 'put back together; Plus I could have sworn while I was on the phone with them, they said they’ve been seeing a lot of this, but her voice went out at the most important part, so this may not even be worth an anecdote.

Adding it up though, the perpetrator successfully changed my Amazon email to something I didn’t/couldn’t know. I was on the phone with them for 45 minutes, and ultimately needed to wait for them to call me back which they did.

I still feel pretty bad all over. I guess it’s time for me to get my s#%t together, and gather it in.

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