My gym update!

I have been going to my local gym for over a month now for 3-5 times a week for 35-55 minutes of exercise per time! At first I only did the treadmill but I ventured out and tried the elliptical (my favorite) and the bike! Here is my update:

I have lost about 4 or 5 lbs only. But I feel loads better and way stronger.

Overall, I am so glad I decided to do this! It gets me out of the house too and around people and out of my head for a bit. I was a 100% couch potato before this. I exercised in my youth but SZ made me lose everything. But I took exercise back by joining this gym! :blush:


Good job! Keep it up, you will continue to lose weight. Good luck.

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Yeah good work. It’s common to put on weight when your first start a decent exercise program as your putting on muscle. The good thing is that the more muscle the more energy you burn at rest so it’s great in the long term. Well done to you.

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