First day in gym

It’s fine. I had a yoga class today and used the bike. I’m sweating. I look forward to lose a lot of pounds! For the months to go, I plan to visit the gym everyday so that I have less time idling and more exercising. Hope this work for me.


just do wha you can lol, cardio is best to lose weight so the bike is really good, there are lots of machines that help with cardio.

well done though :ok_hand:

and keep up the good work :+1:

gym is one of best way to put out ur weight…

I’ve been walking back and forth briskly in my room for two hours a day - one in the morning and one in the evening. I’m not really dieting, but I am cutting back on some of my worst transgressions against healthy eating. I’ve lost about twenty pounds doing that. I was eating way too much. The walking helps me kill time. When I’m walking I’m not sitting around dwelling on how I’m not eating. I was eating out of boredom - a terrible reason to eat.

Dont lift too hard, else you’ll be walking around with your arms bent at 90 degrees.

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